-Interview- A Late Night Serenade 8/31/08

A Late Night Serenade

Genre: Melodic hardcore akin to It Dies Today or old Haste The Day.
Interviewed on: 8/31/08
From: Harrisburg, PA


Interview conducted with Tim Lebo (guitar,vocals).

1. How you guys doin? How was the show the other night with August Burns Red?

We are doing fantastic. the show was incredible! Kids are supper supportive around here and it's great. A few kids got hurt and we want to say to them if they are reading this..HOPE YOU ARE BETTER! but overall it was great.

2. How is the member search going?

It's going..haha..we just had the last show on friday and it's sunday now. We are taking our time and not just going to pick anyone. we want this new lineup to be promising.

3.Will you be recording more new material with the new members when you get them or will you release the demos that are up on your Myspace as an EP in the near future?

The music you hear on our page will not be played with this new band. there may be parts or elements from those songs in these new ones, but the songs in their entirety will not be played. Our new music will have the same kind of vibe but we want to stray from the usual..try to do so anyway...

4. You guys opened for Black Dahlia Murder, how did that go?

Again, amazing. the championship is such a great place and offers local bands such a great opportunity to get your name out there. The only downside to opening for huge bands is backlining (lining all the amps behind each other). It gives the opening band about 2 feet of stage to use, but hey...at least we got to play!

5. You guys shot a video for "Tight Like A Tiger", what was the concept behind it? Who shot it and where?

In all honesty, there wasn't really a concept when we shot it. We just wanted to shoot a video that would be fun to watch and people could get pumped about. We thought it turned out great. It was DE MEDIA's first video and they did fantastic. It was a ton of fun too. It was shot in our drummer Tylers basement and we hung up every individual piece of paper. Took FOREVER!

6. What are some of your influences?

Speaking for me (Tim)...I have to say Underoath. I'm getting into Oh,Sleeper. But honestly, bands that dont play the heavier music inspire me the most to write heavier music. Gives me a more creative edge and keeps my mind open.

7. What are your thoughts on illegal music downloading?

If you are a smaller band with your music on the net, it is amazing! If you are a huge band trying to sell records, it really sucks. They need those sales to survive haha. If the kid downloads it and really enjoys the band, the least they should do is go out and buy it!

8. What is your favorite song to play live and why?

Musically..probably the newest one we wrote just because it was so creative and fresh. it didn't have a name but we are going to use parts of that song in our new stuff. as far as crowd participation. by a long shot, tight like a tiger. Kids had a blast to that song and it gave such a good energy. I love central PA kids for that reason haha.

9. What are you currently listening to?

Currently listening to Jimmy Eat World, Burt Bacharach (seriously), August Burns Red, Underoath, Anthony Green, Circa Survive, Oh Sleeper, The monkees, the arctic monkeys, Gym Class Heroes, Jacks Mannequin, etc...

10. What's next for A Late Night Serenade?

Find new promising guys that we know we can tour with. You have to be best friends and you have to know each others limits and know how to deal with them. You all have to work 100 percent or it will not work out. So finding someone that fits. We want to keep the hype up about things cause we have a lot of exciting stuff ahead.

11. Any shoutouts?

Mah Boyz Fick Nortini and Gli Eib. L-Train Foote out on tour with Dizmas. All the kids who come to the shows, and you for allowing this interview to happen, you are amazing :)