-Interview- xBarcadiax 8/31/08

(Seventh Dagger Records)

Genre: Hardcore akin to Hatebreed or old Bury Your Dead.
Interviewed on: 8/31/08
From: Reno, NV


1. How you guys doin? Your album was reviewed in Outburn Magazine, what was your guys thoughts on it?

Doing well, thanks for asking. The review shocked me because our music was compared to 2 of my favorite bands (Blood for Blood and Hatebreed). I'm not sure that's an accurate comparison but it was flattering. For the most part, the review hit the nail on the head. We weren't writing new, innovative hardcore, we were just writing very pissed off hardcore.

2. How has the reaction been to the "Versus The World" album in general? Is there a certain song that people prefer over others?

It's been very good, a lot of kids seem to be stoked on it. A lot of kids sing along to "Eurotrash" whenever we play it so I'm guessing they favor that one.

3. Can we see a national tour in the works by any chance? Who are three band you'd like to tour with?

I promise you we will tour. I can't say when but it will happen because we want to. As for with who - anyone. I love playing shows and so does the rest of the band.

4. What's your thoughts on the hardcore genre as a whole?

Hardcore is awesome because you have all kinds of people involved from all different walks of life. They all come together and use hardcore as an outlet. You've got everyone working to keep it going and keep it alive for future generations.

5. How did you hook up with Seventh Dagger Records?

Kinda had some dudes from AFB talk to Danny (from 7th Dagger) then sent in our demo to him. He liked it so we started getting the ball rolling.

6. What is the music scene like in Nevada?

Reno is top-notch. Bands are always weary about playing here and then after the show, it's always the same thing "That was an amazing show!" Bands need to keep coming out here. It's thriving and we love hardcore.

7. What are your thoughts on illegal music downloading?

That's not something I have ever really given a fuck about. A band I like is going to get my money and my support in one way or another.

8. What is your favorite song to play live and why?

I like playing "War Poet". Just my favorite song, I think it has a lot of great energy, especially live.

9. What are you currently listening to?

Disembodied, Blood for Blood, Taste The Steel, Ramallah, Domestic War, Shattered Realm...tons more

10. What's next for xBarcadiax?

A lot, actually. But I'm gonna keep it on the down-low and just let whatever we do speak for itself.
New stuff/new sound.

11. Any shoutouts?

Rhinoceros has a new CD out, go buy it. Check out 1618 from Reno.