-Interview- Obscure Beauty 9/1/08

Obscure Beauty

Genre: Metalcore akin to I Killed The Prom Queen or Skycamefalling.
Interviewed on: 9/1/08
From: Boise, Idaho


1. How you guys doin? You guys are opening for August Burns Red in a few weeks, you guys amped?

Oh we are doing pretty well, took a little week off and now we are gearing up to hit it hard for theshow with august burns red. We are very excited for the show, our first bigger show since the line up change so we are going to be wanting to show that nothing can stop us!

2. You've played with Misery Signals and A Static Lullaby, any crazy show stories that just stick out as unforgettable?

We have had some pretty crazy shows. Those shows that you mentioned were just amazing to play with bands like that. Like with misery signals it was an honor because that is a band that has influenced us a lot. As far as crazy, we've played shows before in costume. And on tour last year in Olympia,Washington we had this homeless guy freestyle rapping outside with his friend and then this other homeless guy started a fight with him and ran off after knocking him out. It was nuts, we were so weirded out, but it was unforgettable

3. You guys recently recruited a few new members, how are they adjusting to the band?

They are adjusting really well. We were friends with them before and had seen them play in some local bands around here and liked what we had seen, so after losing some members, we called them up and it clicked. Then at our first show with them it just seemed right.

4. What can people expect from the new album "A Season Of Change"?

You can expect some really heavy, but very melodic songs. It isn't just like a typical hardcore, or metalcore album. We strived to write music that was beyond just that and try to push the boundaries of heavy music. And the production on the album is amazing. Matt Speck who was twiddling the knobs for us did an amazing job for us. He instead of just pressing buttons pushed us to new ideas and it just was awesome experience.

5. What is the music scene like in Idaho?

The music scene is pretty good. The local scene is at a point where we have a few bands that could really push it. In Boise, one thing that has been bumming us out is the support for the local scene with the kids that come out, but lately it has been getting better. In our hometown of Caldwell, it is nuts, we pack hundreds of kids in this old building and everyone just has a blast. We had a band from California Number 4 the Smile, come out to just play a show there and they said they felt right at home. Kids flying everywhere and no fights, just fun. It makes us feel good knowing our hometown crowd will support the music!

6. If you could tour with three bands who would they be?

Oh man that is a tough one. One for sure would be Misery Signals. They have an amazing sound, and are great dudes when we played with them. Another would be Poison The Well. They are one of the most respected bands in hardcore. They've made their name on their own terms which is something I respect so much. And then underOATH. They like the other bands I named made a name for themselves playing the music they wanted to. Those 3 bands would be amazing to tour with.

7. What are your thoughts on illegal music downloading?

Ah, this is a tough one here. For some bands that is how people got to know them, but at the same time it is hurting the band. Because even though the music is the focal point in the album there is more to it. The booklet, the lyrics, the album art. It all goes together to get the full experience from the album. We know people are going to do it, but I guess all i can say is that if you do download the album and want to support the band, go to their show, buy the album at the show, buy merch and support the band.

8. What is your favorite song to play live and why?

I would say personally Giving Her the Business. That song is one we wrote not too long ago and it really catches us with what we want to do. Atmospheric and melodic, yet heavy and powerful. It just flows so well between all the parts. Its a fun song and people have really responded well to it

9. What are you currently listening to?

I am loving the new misery signals album Controller. they really progressed so much. And then I have also been listening to a lot of for the fallen dreams and define the great line by underOATH. And then lately a lot of post rock like explosions in the sky and mono. Then just some other random stuff that comes up on shuffle on my ipod. haha, and then my one guilty pleasure, old eighteen visions.

10. What's next for Obscure Beauty?

Well right now we are gearing up for the show with august burns red and our album release. Its been pushed back with some issues we had with the band. But after that we are going to just be playing as much as we can. And then once the new year hits we are going to try and be on the road promoting the album as much as possible.

11. Any shoutouts?

Oh ya! I want to thank all the kids who came out to the showcase show for abr and voted for us, and then to everyone who has ever supported us, especially since the line up changes. Be ready for us to come through your town and rock out! A season of change will be out soon, so be ready to pick that up! Thank you again!