-Interview- Poison My Blood 9/3/08

Poison My Blood

Genre: Metalcore akin to Parkway Drive or Twelve Tribes.
Interviewed on: 9/3/08
From: Lande, Belgium


1. How you guys doin? How's the recording process been so far?

We're doing great. We've had a very exciting month with all the touring and recording. To be honest it feels good to be home again.
The recording has been really good. We've heard the first mix and it's already sounding amazing. We'll probably be able to let you hear something in a week or so!

2. What can people expect from the new record?

A much more mature sound than we had before. In our last shows we often got compared to Misery Signals, Shai Hulud and Twelve Tribes. But it's hard to say, buy the record and judge it yourselves ;)

3. What's the music scene like in Belgium?

I think it's pretty good. With the touring we've done this summer I think we can compare a both with different countries. Belgium promoters take pretty good care of bands and most of the time kids care about the bands that are playing. But I think it's like this in most of Europe. We really enjoyed Germany, kids are great there!

4. You guys recently had some lineup changes, how has the new members adjusted to the band so far?

Very good! We couldn't be more happy to be honest. We spent a month together touring and recording and we've had such a good time so it was almost like they have been in the band forever.

5. Any crazy show stories?

Show stories not really, I think. We do have some stories from on the road and from the after parties.
We were on the road to the studio and on the highway in Germany we hit traffic. Next to our van was a Mobile home with some 10 year old dude sitting on the window being an idiot. So we hunk the horn and suddenly his sister (we suppose) comes to sit by the window. So we hunk the horn again. She must have been flattered because she instantly pulled up her shirt and showed us her goodies, which was nice.
We've also had a girl showing her boobs at an after party. No idea how that happened.
There are probably more stories but this is all I can come up with right now!

6. If you could tour with three bands who would they be?

Very hard question. I think it's different for all of us but let's just say Deftones, Misery Signals and Pantera.

7. What are your thoughts on illegal music downloading?

It sucks because it destroys independent labels and bands. But the temptation to click on a link to get a record is very high so I guess you can't blame anyone for doing it. As long as kids will still support bands in other ways or buy the record after downloading it, I guess it's fine. Nothing you can do about it anyways.

8. What is your favorite song to play live and why?

Everyone in the band has a different favorite song. Wouter's favorite song is Black Water. Tim's favorite song is The Dead. I think Koen's, Tom's and mine is The Arsonist. No reason why though.

9. What are you currently listening to?

Tephra - A Modicum of Truth

10. What's next for Poison My Blood?

Playing some local shows, making some money cause we're all broke now, partying, hopefully getting signed, hopefully touring a lot, hopefully getting laid a lot,

11. Any shoutouts?

Buy stuff with our name on it cause we don't have any money haha. No shit though.