-Interview- Shelter With Thieves 9/14/08

Shelter With Thieves

Genre: Rock akin to Queens Of The Stone Age.
Interviewed on: 9/14/08
From: Halifax, Canada


1. How you guys doin?

If Fantastical counts as a word than sign us up for that.

2. How is the new material coming along? When can we expect a release on it? Is it titled?

Lots and lots of writing and lots and lots of new songs, no definite recording plan as of yet but likely hit the studio in the New Year to start work on the next project, nothing titled yet, but a few new songs RIFLE TOWER BLUES and WELCOME TO THE OCEAN GRAVERYARD are starting to work there way into the live set.

3. Having your own label, does that ever become troublesome trying to balance being in a band and head of a label at the same time?

It's a fine balance, but if you are an independent artist like ourselves then one really cant exist without the other, we would all rather spend all of our time just writing, playing and recording, but there is no shortage of packages to go out, phone calls and emails to make and cds to sling.

4. You guys ever think of doing a US tour at all?

We do have plans to tour the U.S. as soon as possible, hopefully over the next little while we are going to start begging the government and filling out all the terrible paperwork that goes along with it so that they will let us in. Although there is always the fear that if we aren't holding down the fort here in Canada that the U.S. may invade our homeland, which is really just a roundabout way of saying that Shelter With Thieves may be the only thing stopping a full on American Invasion of Canada at this present time. - disprove this-

5. If you could tour with three bands (broken up or active) who would they be?


6. Have you guys watched the Olympics at all? If so, what sports have you been most interested in?

I only caught a couple of events this year, I did witness possibly the fastest human on the planet take home gold for Jamaica and that was impressive, but i did place 3rd in the womens free dive for the Beijing Olympics for Xbox 360, which I feel is on par with the rest of our performance as a nation at this years Olympics.

7. What's your thoughts on illegal music downloading?

Home Cooking is ruining the Restaurant Industry, next they will tell us that evolution didn't happen.

8. What is your favorite song to play live and why?

Over the last little while i think Ashley has been the favorite, sort of a different groove than most of our songs but still a bunch of fun rocking moments throughout it.

9. What are you guys currently listening to?

The Gaslight Anthem
Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds - The Abbatoir Blues
Glassjaw - Tribute and Worship
Pinkfloyd - Piper At The Gates of Dawn

10. What's next for Shelter With Thieves?

Touring and Writing pretty much non stop for the next 9 months and then hopefully start to piece together a new record from the scraps!

11. Any shoutouts?

The Gideons for supplying filter Material and rolling tables for Musicians worldwide.