-Interview- Before The Fall 9/19/08

Before The Fall
(Twilight Records)

Genre: Metalcore akin to Unearth or Killswitch Engage.
Interviewed on: 9/19/08
From: Vienna, Austria


1.How you guys doin? How did the band come about and form?

Rude: Hi, thx we`re great. We had an awesome show with Heaven Shall Burn in Vienna last Friday.

Mike: Yes, it was incredible. Well, Before the Fall was founded in 2005 by Rude and me in Vienna /Austria. We made music for some years and then were searching for the right musicians so the Line up is following:

Mike – Vocals
Rude - Guitar
Bane – Guitar
Hannes – Bass
Maurizio - Drums

2. You guys are from Austria, what is the music scene like there (we've interviewed The Sorrow a little while back also)?

Rude: We got a very aspiring Metalscene here in Austria. There are many good bands like The Sorrow, Belphegor, In Slumber, Artas, Perishing Mankind, Pandora`s Dawn etc.

Mike: Earlier days we had a really famous death metal band, Pungent Stench but they split last year.

3. Any thoughts on coming over here to the US?

Mike: Of course, but it`s very difficult without a label who makes this dream come true.

Rude: Hehe, that’s right. We have to make a new album and look for a label. Our last contract was just for our debut “From Mutism to riddance”. But it`s definitely our goal to tour through the United States some day.

4. How did you guys hook up with Twilight Records?

Rude: Before we signed at Twilight Records, we had a contract with Noisehead Records, a Label in Vienna. So our debut on Twilight Records is a Re-Release. Since one year we are manged by Werner Stockinger, who helps us a lot with the business stuff. He also managed the contract with Twilight Records for us.

5. You guys played with Dew Scented and Heaven Shall Burn last week, any crazy show stories?

Mike: Yes, it was awesome. It was an opening of a new location in Vienna for about 3500 people. So the owner decided to make a big festival with Heaven Shall Burn, Maroon, Dew Scented, Anima, Before the Fall and Artas.

Rude: This experience was unpockable but the best show was last year in germany. Two girls made a run on the stage and wanted to rip down my trouser for a blow job during our show, that was really crazy. The securities came and sent them from the stage. After the show we invited them in our backstage room. We had some fun, hehe.
6. If you could tour with three bands who would they be?

Rude: That`s a good question. I think it would be cool on tour with Unearth, they make a real inspiring show, Metallica, I ever wanted to get to know the “Gods of Metal”, and of course Samantha Fox, I love her.

7. What are your thoughts on illegal music downloading?

Mike: I´ts a difficult situation. On one side, the internet is a big chance for young bands. On the other side, I think everyone should be payed for his work, which stands in controversy to free music downloads.

Rude: Of course it harms all involved persons but times changed. Every band I know has a myspace site and there`s a good reason for that – advertisement! So I think it`s ok to hear some tracks before buying a CD but illegal downloading destroys the music-industry.

8. What is your favorite song to play live and why?

Rude: For me it`s definitely our title track “From Mutism to Riddance”. It`s easy riffing and I love to bang my head in the end of this song after the smooth part.

Mike: For me it`s Purified. It`s my favorite song and to perform it live is every time awesome.

9. What are you currently listening to?

Mike: At the moment I really like Decapitated or Divine Heresy, they are really cool, Carcass, Pantera.

Rude: I listen to Whitechapel, Slipknot or Cavalera Conspiracy, I like the reunion. But also Gorefest, Metallica, As I Lay Dying or Unearth.

10. What's next for Before The Fall?

Mike: Well, at the moment we are really focused on writing new songs. We have to make some demo stuff and send it to a few labels and hope to get a contract for our next album.

11. Any shoutouts?

Rude: Ajde, support BTF and be prepared for the future. Our next album will kick your ass.