-Interview- Torn From The Roots 9/4/08

Torn From The Roots

Genre: Progressive metal akin to new Underoath or Everytime I Die.
Interviewed on: 9/4/08
From: Bensalem, PA


1. How you guys doin? Any shows coming up?
We're doing great, we have a show at The Trocadero in Philadelphia PA, on September 27th.

2. How's the new material coming along? Will it still be along the same lines of "Rip Out"?

The new material is cranking out amazingly. We never try to do the same song twice, so to answer that, no not along the lines of Rip-Out. Not to mention that song has been around for a very long time with us.

3. How did the band come about and form?

Well the band started well over 3 years ago. After the break up of a couple other local bands. Dan and Tony started jamming together and decided to make a new band. After multiple non-permanent vocalists, Jim decided to try out, and has the spot ever since. Pete came into the picture after the departure of our long time guitarist, Pat. Pete was a friend, wanted to be our session guy, but soon decided he wanted in full time.

4. You guys made a pretty bold statement on your blog about the PA music scene, what's your guys take on the scene now and the metal/hardcore genre in general?

Well we've been to all parts of Pennsylvania to play or go to shows. It does really fluctuate depending on where you are. The scene in our local area can be absolutely amazing, but sometimes other bands or the fans will go to one local show in a long period of time and it makes it hard to play out sometimes. But for the metal/hardcore scene itself, we all agree that it's still the strongest scene out there, and we're completely grateful to be a part of it.

5. Any crazy show stories?

Wow, well we have way too many... but the 2nd show we ever played was pretty nuts. The show was great but, we had a, well we basically had a 60 year old prostitute ask the whole band if we wanted a good time. We'll leave it at that. More recently our vocalist Jim thought it would be a great idea to strip down to a neon orange thong while playing a show. Needless to say that show was awesome.

6. If you could tour with three bands who would they be?

This is a total mix but if we went on tour with local bands they'd have to be, In Wake of The Plague, Sex With Rollercoasters, and our friends in Parental Advisory. Check them all out! But as for bigger well known bands, bands along the lines of Suicide Silence, Whitechapel, and Abigal Williams.

7. What are your thoughts on illegal music downloading?

Well we all pretty much do it too, but as long as the music is getting out there to be heard, that's all we care about.

8. What is your favorite song to play live and why?

Our song called, "Arson Doesn't Kill." There's a bunch of reasons why, but it was a song that means a lot to us, and has a very personal message. When we play that song, it just lights the fire for us, and makes us go absolutely crazy and off the wall.

9. What are you currently listening to?

Well we all have our mix but as for Tony, bands like, Every Time I Die, Limb Bizkit, and See You Next Tuesday. As for Dan bands like, Maylene and the Sons of Disaster, Abigal Williams, and Soilwork. For Pete, bands like Opeth, Behemoth, and Children of Bodom. And as for Jim, bands like, Whitechapel, Bon Jovi, and Job For a Cowboy.

10. What's next for Torn From The Roots?

We're in our writing stage right now, we're trying to get our album out by mid to late December. On top of that, getting our merchandise ready, and possibly adding a new addition to the TFTR family.

11. Any shoutouts?

To everyone who has supported us over the years! Any band we have ever played with! Without fans and other acts out there to support us, we'd be nothing, we appreciate everything you do.