-Review- The Crosstown Rivalry - Pull Down The Sky EP

The Crosstown Rivalry

Label: Unsigned
From: Voorhees, NJ
Pull Down The Sky EP
Release Date: 2008
Sounds like: New Found Glory, old Fall Out Boy


Track Listing:

1. Greetings From The Garden State
2. You Wish You Were Here
3. Look Up Look Out
4. Who I Am And What I've Done (To Keep You Listening)
5. Everything Down
6. With All The Right Intentions
7. I Came To ___, NJ, And All I Left With Was A Gambling Problem
8. Falling For You (Hidden Track)

Pop punk bands for the most part have always been influenced by likes of Blink 182, Fall Out Boy and New Found Glory. The Crosstown Rivalry bit the styles of the latter two. That's not a bad thing due to the part that they do it good enough to get some attention coming their way.

This album kicks off with “Greetings From The Garden State” which is nothing more than a prelude instrumental to get you hooked into the album. Then starts “You Wish You Were Here” which sounds like a New Found Glory b-side straight down to the pop-punkish breakdowns near the end of the song.

“Who I Am And What I've Done (To Keep You Listening)” is very reminiscent to Fall Out Boy's “Sugar We're Going Down”. The album is more of the same as the pop punk catchiness of the choruses and breaks are something that's definatly going to keep the attention of the listener for all 8 tracks (including the acoustic end track “Falling For You”).

This album is extremely catchy if you're into pop/punk. If you listen to old Fall Out Boy or New Found Glory defiantly check this out. This band is going places soon, they're unsigned but not for too much longer. Check them out.

Standout Tracks-
"You Wish You Were Here"
"Who I Am And What I've Done (To Keep You Listening)"