-Interview- Today's Friday (1/28/12)

Today's Friday
(From The Depths Entertainment)

Genre: Heartcore
Interviewed on: 1/28/12
From: Stanthorpe, Australia
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1.Who thought of the name “Today’s Friday”? How would you describe your music?

Mitch did, he had a HUGE list of names that we went through, most of which were pus, but a few of them we thought were good. Today’s Friday won after a fair amount of deliberation. We would describe our music as deathcore style screams, traditional rock style clean vocals, metalcore style guitar work and lyrics with meaning. We don’t sound like anyone else, and we don’t write to a genre, we just write what we want to hear, and hopefully people like us as a result.

2. You guys released the “You’re Nothing But A Rib To Me” EP not too long ago, is there any new music coming out or being recorded soon? If so, when can we expect it?

We went through a period of about 4 months where we were writing a song every week or two, so we have a pretty large volume of original material. All up we have 20 songs in various states of completion, 13 of which we are playing live at the moment. The concept for our debut album is settled, as is the track listing, so we are currently organising recording to commence mid 2012. We are looking forward to showcasing our growth as a band, and the diverse nature of our songwriting.

3. The cover art for the EP is very unique. How did it come about and who was the model for the cover?

Mitch had the idea of having something to do with an xray on the cover of the EP due to You’re Nothing But A Rib To Me being the title track, and Stretch randomly happened to find that picture of the chick with the xray on tumblr one day, and it was exactly what we were looking for, so he hit up the artist and asked for permission to use it, and they said go for it. It was really just exceptionally good luck, and little else. Completing it was as easy as Stretch taking the image and superimposing the text onto it.

4. How does the writing process within the band occur?

Generally speaking, the song begins with a concept, whether that be lyrics, a riff or even just an idea, and then grows from there. I (Thursday) usually write all the music and then jam with Beastley to figure out structure and whatnot, additional parts do usually creep in. As far as lyrics go, Beastley and I are the chief lyricists, whether singularly or collaboratively, but Mitch has also contributed a couple of songs, and similarly Stretch contributes the odd riff here and there.

5. What’s the music scene like there in Australia? What’s your take on the whole metalcore scene in general?

The cities tend to be pretty good, but anywhere else becomes very difficult, which is unfortunately where we are situated. We are keen to travel to gigs anyway, so this isn’t a problem. We enjoy each others company and always get up to lots of dumb shit on our random band related adventures. The metalcore scene on the whole is very supportive; everyone always has each others back. It’s probably the whole underdog thing. We all stick together and help each other out, whether that be feedback, letting each other in on bills/contacts etc.

6. Any good show stories?

Our second gig was at our guitarist and his girlfriend’s joint birthday party. Being that Stanthorpe is the coldest place in Queensland (and it was the middle of winter), it was a balmy -2 Degrees Celsius (I think 28F or so) outside. Needless to say, fingers don’t work well in the cold, so the show consisted of us moshing extra hard to keep warm, random band members ditching their instruments to join the 4 man pit, and us generating huge amounts of accidental feedback from the hastily arranged, and horribly inadequate, PA we had hired. In the end the night culminated in a certain somewhat portly drummer from another local band destroying Beastley’s drum stool. It was EXCELLENT and everyone had a great time!

7. What’s your take on music downloading?

We are all for it. As far as we are concerned, if you download our music, it’s still exposure for us, and if it translates into people being keen to come and see us play live, or buy our Album because they liked it so much, then all the better. As far as I’m concerned the whole thing probably originated from a lot of artists releasing albums that had 2 good songs and 14 utter shite songs, so people got pissed off with paying 30 bucks to listen to 2 worthwhile songs. I don’t blame them, and it’s not like it will be going away, so why not embrace it?

8. Who are three artists you’d love to tour with?

Parkway Drive, A Day to Remember, Asking Alexandria

9. How would you describe your live show?

Us having a LOT of fun mainly. We ALWAYS choose the fun option, and we have a lot of banter between ourselves and the audience as well.

10. What’s next for Today’s Friday?

As many gigs as we can play, anywhere we can play, and recording our album. Hooking up merch, and trying to connect with our fans as much as possible.

11. Any shoutouts?

Above City Skies, All the Dead Pilots, Sound the Sirens, Warrant Promotions, TB Promotions, Pedal to the Metal Promotions have all helped us out a ton, as well as our respective partners/families for putting up with the neglect. Not to mention the neighbours!!