-Interview- The Rebuilt Machine (2/29/12)

The Rebuilt Machine
(From The Depths Entertainment)

Genre: Modern rock mixed with post hardcore.
Interviewed on: 2/29/12
From: Fairfax, VA
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1. How did the band come together and form? How did the name “The Rebuilt Machine” come about?

We’ve all played together in different bands at different times in our lives. We came together recently and took a lot of time re-defining ourselves and what our music is about. The name describes the band—a well-oiled machine that has been systematically taken apart and put back together again. This one has the right influences, members and dedication. Change is always going to happen. You need to constantly reinvent yourself and continually rebuild the world around you.

2. You guys are going out on tour soon with My Name Is Drew, you guys excited?

No, absolutely not. They never bathe and their band name is stupid. None of their names are even really Drew. Also, they beat us up and steal our gas money after every gig.

3. You guys are heading in the studio soon, what can we expect from the new record?

Who knows. We make it up as we go...

4. Your music is very diverse, who are some of your influences?

Our influences are very eclectic: All Time Low, Taking Back Sunday, Brand New, The Used, UnderOath, Hawthorne Heights, and all those other timeless bands that defined the genre when we were in high school. Throw in each member’s personal taste, from We Came As Romans to My Chem, to Incubus, to Atmosphere… To be a good writer you have to be a good listener. We take what we love about the stuff we all listen to and try to put our own spin on it. We actually had the chance to play with Hawthorne Heights in Richmond at The Kingdom this February. It was an unforgettable show, packed with energy and passion—a dream come true!

5. What’s the music scene like there in VA? What’s your take on the whole music scene in general?

Every town, no matter how small or big, can have a great music scene. Every show can feel like a hometown show if you go into with a positive attitude. When we play in a new city, we want to leave a mark on that venue and those people. We strive to earn the respect of new fans everywhere we go, even on our home turf.

6. Any good show stories?

We had a house show not too long ago in Middleburg, VA. It was totally free, and we invited a few of our close friends and fans as a way of saying thanks for all the support we’ve received. Two of our favorite bands, My Name Is Drew and First & Main, played the show with us. Right before our set, the drummer playing with us at the time called us to say that he wasn’t coming. Nick, the bassist, had to jump on drums. We’d never played with that lineup and we were missing a lot of gear, so we were sloppy and uncoordinated to say the least. Still, we sold the performance with our energy and connection with the fans. The place was packed, everyone was screaming along, and we all had a blast. That was probably one of the most rewarding shows we’ve ever played, and it had nothing to do with how well (or horribly) we played our instruments.

7. What’s your take on music downloading?

We all do it. We’re all for it. The more people that download our music, the more fan we’ll hopefully have. Download our songs and burn copies for your friends! Spread the love.

8. How would you describe your live show?


9. What’s next for The Rebuilt Machine?

Time Travel. Hopefully.

10. Any shoutouts?

Chelsea, Christine, Carsyn, Patty, Kelli, Andrew, Kyle, Jhake, Jess, Katelyn, Shannon, Bowtie, Casey, our families, friends, and kick-ass fans. We want to give a special shoutout to some awesome local bands we’ve had the honor to share the stage with: First & Main, Lakeview, Encasing Embrace, MNID, Whisper to Baxwell, American Gonzos, Love Like Virtue. Also, check out our awesome sponsors: Enoch, The Artist Inside, Headline Shirts, Grey Moon Designs, and All Things Adrenaline.