-Interview- Kill The Coward (3/3/12)

Kill The Coward
(From The Depths Entertainment)

Genre: Melodic metalcore mixed with screamo.
Interviewed on: 3/3/12
From: Moscow, PA
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1.How did the band come together and form? How did the name “Kill The Coward” come about?

The band was formed at a high school variety show. All the members were at the same high school and participated in different acts in the show. After the variety show all the members became friends and started to play cover songs together. After realizing how well we meshed, we decided to write our own music.

2. How has the response to the “Here Comes The Storm” EP been thus far?

The response for the “Here Comes The Storm” EP has been fantastic. Many promotional companies jumped on board with Kill The Coward to share the new music. Our fans has also supported us from the beginning and continued with the new EP.

3. You guys have two brothers in the band, has there been any family pranks onstage?

Not as much of a “family prank” but Nick has a tattoo which gave him a nickname of “Truther” and after writing our first song, the entire band made up the name and did not tell Nick until on stage at a show. The song’s name is “Tell Me The Truther” and it was funny. We all consider ourselves very close as if we were all family. Every show is an exciting experience that we all treasure.

4. Who are some of your influences?

This genre of music is difficult to represent. The ‘norm’ of society looks down on this kind of music but bands every day are rising against the odds and making it big. One band that we look up on is Motionless In White. They are from our local area and are a real influence to show bands that with hard work dreams can come true.

5. What’s the music scene like in PA? What’s your take on the whole metalcore scene in general?

The scene in PA great, we have many of fans that come out and support us at shows which we appreciate and value. The entire metal scene is fantastic but needs to be exposed to more of the society more instead of being labeled as “Underground” music.

6. Any good show stories?

Every show is a great story due to our amazing fans coming out to the shows. Some funny experiences was when Cory ripped his pants in the middle of a set and played the entire set with his boxers showing. Some other great stories we have experienced is winning a few battle of the bands and playing for national tours and playing in front of hundreds of people.

7. What’s your take on music downloading?

The music downloading has ruined the value in physical CDs which in bands make it hard to make sales and show Record companies amount of feedback is on the CD. But with the music downloading it gives bands a huge advantage to share their music throughout the Internet which is fantastic.

8. How would you describe your live show?

Our live shows are always full of energy and we have our fans to thank for that. Dancing during the breakdowns and crowding the mics during the choruses are seen with our fans. All of the members try not only to produce good music to the crowd but also give a good show through our energy we share on stage.

9. What’s next for Kill The Coward?

We are working on a full length EP which we are aiming to be done by the end of the year with a single out by the summer. Tours, new photo shoot, and music videos are in store for the band in the future.

10. Any shoutouts?

Shoutout to all our friends, family and fans that supported us from the beginning and continue to come out and make the shows an amazing experience for everyone in Kill The Coward.