-Review- Amongst Carrion - We That Should Not Be (3/5/12)

Amongst Carrion
From: Newport, UK
We That Should Not Be
Release Date: 2011
Sounds like: Parkway Drive, Miss May I, older As I Lay Dying


Track Listing:

1. Intro
2. Shadows Over Me
3. We That Should Not Be
4. Painted Red
5. The Fear In Her Eyes
6. Snowblind

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The album starts off with an piano laden "Intro" that soothes the listener while what sounds like thunder is going off in the background. A guitar gently riffs at the end which transitions into "Shadows Over Me". The fast riffs, screaming and melody brings to mind older As I Lay Dying. There's even bits and pieces of the song that could bring to mind The Ghost Inside. The single "We That Should Not Be" hits with a force from the opening catchy riff to the first breakdown. They also shot a video for the song which can be found on Youtube. The song is fast, aggressive and just a good song to get pumped to.

The track" Painted Red" starts off and goes right for your throat. It continues to be brutal and melodic at the same time. It's a very pissed off song. "The Fear In Her Eyes" and "Snowblind" closes out the EP. Both songs keep the pace going with their brand of melodic metalcore.

Amongst Carrion brings very aggressive music to the masses. With bands like Miss May I and I Killed The Prom Queen getting bigger and bigger, it's hard to overlook the talent that Amongst Carrion has. Don't sleep on Amongst Carrion.

Standout Tracks-
"We That Should Not Be"
"Painted Red"