-Review- Invent, Animate - Waves (3/14/12)

Invent, Animate
From: Beaumont, TX
Release Date: 2012
Sounds like: House Vs Hurricane, For The Fallen Dreams


Track Listing:

1. Hieroglyphics 2.0
2. Captive (featuring Brandon McMaster of Crimson Armada)
3. Atmosphere
4. Spineless
5. Abyss
6. Waves

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The first track "Hieroglyphics" is a very hard hitting track with a bit of synth in the background for good measure. It's a track that's in your face the whole time. The riffs and breakdowns towards the end are excellent. "Captive" which features a guest spot from Brandon McMaster from Crimson Armada doesn't disappoint. It has an opening that builds up the track. A breakdown midway through the song leads up to a two stepping part which I'm sure will get the crowd moving. The clean singing is done very well and leads into a tremendous, thunderous breakdown at the end. The mixture of screaming and clean vocals that close out the song mix perfectly and round out a great song.

"Atmosphere" opens with a swift kick to the teeth. This song has a lot going on with clean singing, a transition midway through with driving melodic riffs into a breakdown and an ending with a synthy breakdown. "Spineless" continues with the onslaught of metalcore. "Abyss" is a minute long instrumental. The opening to the last track "Waves" sounds like it could've been in a House Vs Hurricane track. The ending of this track and EP is very Poison The Well-esque. Just like PTW, Invent, Animate is looking to leave their mark on the scene.

With so much metalcore out these days, the best thing to do is be fresh. Invent, Animate does this with being multi-dimensional. They do a lot more than other bands out there and they do it well. With this being just an EP, it's scary to think how good they will be this time next year. If you want your metalcore to be more creative and not generic, then check this out right now!

Standout Tracks-