-Interview- The Switch (3/16/12)

The Switch
Genre: Female fronted alternative rock.
Interviewed on: 3/16/12
From: Tracy, CA
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1. You guys just released “Loose Lips Sink Ships”. What should people expect from it? How has the response been thus far?

The album consists of a very dynamic track listing, from darker more meaningful songs to more upbeat poppier songs. The response has been great! Since we’ve released the album, we’ve recieved endless amounts of postive feedback.

2. How did the name of the band and album itself come about?

We’re called The Switch because musically, we’ve come from totally different backgrounds being, Pop/R&B (Kat) , Classic Rock (Tyler), Post-Hardcore/Pop Punk (Ryan) and the start of this project really SWITCHED up what we were used to playing.

3. Is there a favorite track you like on the album? Is there a theme to the album?

Kat – The Dangerous One
Tyler – Carefree
Ryan – Never Moving Forward

There’s no recurring theme in the theme to the album, BUT, we feel this is a good representation of what we can do for ourselves if we really buckled down and gave it our all! DIY music at its best.

4. With everyone being from bands previously, how has your experience in past bands helped in The Switch?

Without the differing backgrounds, we would never be able to create the sound you’ve heard on our debut album. Although we come from different musical backgrounds, we all share a lot of the same influences.

5. What’s the music scene like in CA? What’s your take on the rock scene in general?

Where we come from, there really isn’t a rock scene other than San Francisco and Sacramento. We’re one of the only bands in our area that don’t fall under the “Indie Pop” genre.

6. Any good show stories?

One of our earlier shows opening up for a Hopeless Records tour/showcase in Stockton, CA. We decided to borrow our friends short (school) bus. After arriving, all the other touring bands flipped out because of surprise. They all had to check out the inside.....

7. What’s your take on music downloading?

As far as iTunes and stuff like that goes, we think its awesome that our music can still be heard without the hassle of printing and manufacturing physical copies of CD’s, however there is still nothing like unwrapping a REAL CD. As for illegal downloads and pirating music. It sucks for local bands like ourselves but if that’s what it takes to sell out shows and have everyone sing along, it’s probably worth it.

8. How would you describe your live show?

We like to open our show with a real attention grabbing, percussive intro and try to keep it very crowd oriented throughout. We keep it fun!

9. What’s next for The Switch?

Shows, shows, shows. We just want to play! We practice our tails off and are constantly writing new material. This summer we really just want to play shows, maybe some small tours and an EP release in late summer/early fall of 2012.

10. Any shoutouts?

First off we just want to thank everyone who has shown this much support in the short amount of time that we’ve been a band. Every play on facebook, every ticket we’ve sold and all the purchases off of Itunes. Those are the things that really keep us wanting more! Our parents definitely deserve a shout out simply because we are constantly in there faces with practicing and shows and everything else. And last but not least, Mike of From The Depths Entertainment. We’ve only been in contact for a few weeks and he’s already starting to make big things happen. Thanks.