-Interview- RedStryke (3/25/12)

Genre: Catchy hip hop.
Interviewed on: 3/25/12
From: Lakeland, FL
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1. You just released your album “My Future” not too long ago. What should people expect from it? How has the response been thus far?

Nothing but great feedback! It has a variety of styles so anyone can enjoy it!

2. How did the name “RedStryke” come about?

“Stryke” symbolizes my percussion background. I’m a drummer and my music production is know to have great drum sequences. Red is my favorite color.

3. What’s your favorite track to perform live? Why?

“Good Times” because it really gets the crowd dancing and its easy to get people to interact with the words to the song.

4. What’s your message for people inspiring to become hip hop artists?

Hip Hop/Rap is a very looked down upon genre of music, so make sure you make it an “art” so people will appreciate it!

5. What’s the music scene like in FL? What’s your take on the hip hop scene in general?

There’s a lot of talent in Florida, and depending on what area, the people are very supportive.

6. You’ve played with national act Trina as well as others. Any good show stories?

I performed for Hulk Hogan’s Micro Championship Wrestling in front of 4,000 people. The arena’s CD player was shot so I had to perform my show with no music. The crowd still loved so it was a success!

7. What’s your take on music downloading?

I think it takes away from sales, but the true fans will support you by buying your music regardless.

8. How would you describe your live show?

Very energetic. I definitely know how to involve the crowd and get them hype!

9. What’s next for RedStryke?

I just released my 2nd album “Mr. Reliable” on Feb 9th 2012 and I am currently working on an all-request mixtape called “Your Wish, My Pleasure” which is due to release on May 5th 2012.

10. Any shoutouts?

Shout out to God...without Him none of this would be possible. To my parents for supporting me on this long road. To my fans who motivate me to keep pushing forward!