-Review- Evil Twin Sister - Hello World EP (9/22/12)

Evil Twin Sister
Genre: Rock
From: Waukegan, IL
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1. Numbers
2. Forks & Knives
3. Alone
4. King Of The World
5. Evil Twin Sister


The opening track "Numbers" kicks things off with a modern rock vibe to it. The vocals have a very Snapcase/Grade/Rival Schools influence to it. The guitar solo is great midway through the track. "Forks & Knives" bring to mind more of a modern punk rock sound. The track is solid and the chorus shines bright on the track. "Alone" begins with a driving bass line, fast drums and kicks into an almost Kane Hodder type sound. The track has different elements that the band pits together naturally. "King Of The World" keeps the EP going like a semi-truck cruising down the freeway. The track is comparable to Mewithoutyou in its instrumentation and vocals. The closing track "Evil Twin Sister" sticks with the formula of the previous tracks. With this only being a 5 track EP and clocking in at under 15 minutes, we can't wait to hear more material from Evil Twin Sister!

Evil Twin Sister combines different influences of rock into their own style. From punk and grunge to metal and modern rock, these boys know how to make rock music theirs. Check them out if you're into any kind of rock music.