-Interview- The Archivist (9/16/12)

The Archivist
From: Brisbane, Australia
Sounds like: Progressive death metal


1. You guys are a fairly young band in forming last year. What have you learned in the past year and what have responses been thus far to your “The Archivist” EP?

The responses to our EP so far have been great! People really seem to be enjoying the variety in our songs, particularly “The Clarity Process.” As far as what we’ve learned, probably the biggest thing has been how to be more professional as a band, and treat it like a business. Not that we were ever just a casual band, but we have learned how to push our band in more of a business sense.

2. You guys have played shows with acts such as Veil Of Maya, Circles and Buried In Verona to name a few. Any crazy show stories?

Not too many crazy stories actually. I (Grant) remember tripping on stage the night we supported BIV. It wasn’t a devastating trip, but more like a trip that you do walking down the street and to hide the fact that you’ve tripped , you go into a brief jog…. Which is exactly what happened haha. Our VOM show was amazing though as they are one of our favorite bands, and to support them was an honor. They were all super nice and chill dudes aswell which was great.

3. The brand new shirt design is awesome, who came up with it and what was the inspiration behind it?

Thanks man! It was designed by a guy called Toni Midi who is an awesome artist that we found on Mintees.com. The shirt design was originally supposed to be a lyrical interpretation of a song of ours, “In The Peripheral; Part I”, but it changed slightly during the process. So whilst it is loosely based on the lyrics of the song, it’s not a word for word interpretation. But we are very happy with it!

4. How’s the full length coming? When can we see a release?

We are a little over 75% through the writing and structuring process, and have about three songs to go. Once we are finished though, we are going to go back through the songs and see if anything needs tweaking or some more layers added. We don’t have a release date yet, but we are hoping for the middle of 2013.

5. You guys have some shows coming up next month (October), what are you looking forward to the most?

Definitely Bastardfest is our biggest focus right now. We are playing with so many good bands, and to support Psycroptic will be an amazing achievement for us. They are a favourite band of ours and have had a big influence on a few of the members of the band.

6. What’s the music scene both locally and nationally like there in Australia?

The Brisbane scene is actually pretty awesome if you talk about the caliber of the bands. Bands such as The Schoenberg Automaton, Aversions Crown and Signal the Firing Squad are huge in their respective genres around Australia. Nationally the scene is looking bright also, but wherever you go you seem to run into the same problem of venues shutting down. A lot of heavy music venues across Australia have been closing down, and in Brisbane alone, we’ve lost at least five in the past year. So the scene is getting better musically, but less and less venues are getting behind it.

7. What’s your stance on illegal/legal music downloading?

That topic is kind of a double-edged sword I think. Because on one hand we really want as many people to hear our music as possible, which is why we made our EP “pay what you like.” But on the other hand, to be in a band or run any business you need to make money, or at least break even, and with illegal downloads it makes it quite hard. What I think a good solution to the problem would be is if people download an album, and they don’t like it, then just delete or don’t buy it. But if you like the album, or the band and want to support them, then buy it. Because at least that way the band you like will have enough money to go on tour and record new music. Genius idea I know! Haha.

8. What’s your favorite track to perform live? What’s the crowds favorite track?

I think we all have our own personal favourites to perform, but I know that two of them that we all enjoy are “In The Peripheral; Part II” and “The Clarity Process”. “The Peripheral; Part II” because it’s fast and aggressive, and “The Clarity Process” because it has so many different elements and sections to it. The crowd favourites would probably be “The Clarity Process”, “Sanctuary” and “The Fall”.

9. What are you currently listening to?

The Contortionist, Cloudkicker, Spawn of Possession, Cattle Decapitation, The Faceless, and Joe has been smashing the new Nile album.

10. What’s next for The Archivist?

First things first we have Bastardfest and are preparing for that. But after that we are looking to organize a Sydney and Melbourne tour and continue to write for the album.

11. Any shoutouts?

The Schoenberg Automaton, Down Royale, Humality, Aversion Crown, Brazen Bull and Signal the Firing Squad.