-Interview- Apex Of Apathy (12/2/12)

Apex Of Apathy
Genre: Post Hardcore
From: Las Vegas, NV
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1. How did the name "The Flying Machine" come about for the name of the new album?

The Flying Machine is a metaphor for all the dominant themes in the album. Unlike the Patience EP which revolves around a single theme (pretty much a tragic love story), The Flying Machine deals with freedom, self-discovery, maturity and authenticity. This album is all about escaping the mundane world in an attempt to find something “more.”

2. Will the album consist of all new material or will there be some re-recorded tracks from your previous EP?

All of the songs are brand new. We love the Patience EP, but we have outgrown it in many ways. The themes of The Flying Machine are more sophisticated and so is the music.

3. The album cover for "The Flying Machine" album is very unique. Who did the design work?

The artwork for the album cover was done by a really talented artist here in Vegas named Ernest Castillo. He does great work for a very fair price. Check out his work here: http://www.facebook.com/ArtworkofErnestCastillo

4. The first single "The Clockmaker" features Ricky Martinez. Will there be any other guest spots on the album?

It’s entirely possible. This is something we will consider once we get back from the tour in January. Guest vocals aren’t something you can really plan out, they kind of happen in an organic way.

5. Where are you guys recording the album and who is producing/mastering it?

We can’t really say too much about this right now. However, we can tell you that Adam Neujahr will be involved. He was the producer on the Patience EP and he really understands us as a band.

6. When is the release date for the new album? Physical and digital release?

This, too, we have to be kind of vague about. The digital release will be in March 2013. The physical release will be available at our Album Release Show which is being planned out.

7. You guys have an upcoming tour, will there be any new material you'd be playing?

We’re going to be very ambitious on this tour and play a bunch of new songs. “Doppelganger” will definitely be on the set list. We’re also going to play “Still Alive” which was literally written two days ago.

8. Is there any other single in the works for the new album before its release?

We recently put out a song called “The Clockmaker” as a teaser. We might do one more teaser before March, but no promises on that.

9. Will there be any music videos made for any singles?

We would love to do a music video. It depends on what our financial situation looks like after the tour. The most likely candidate for a music video is “Doppelganger.” We’ve only played that song one time and already it seems to be a fan favorite.

10. What do you want people to take away from your upcoming "The Flying Machine" release?

I’m glad you asked. Even though this album is very personal to us, we feel like it has universal applicability for anyone who takes the time to listen to it. This album encourages people to think for themselves and be true to themselves. We think it’s a crime for someone to agree with popular opinion, or lean on others, just because they are afraid of the consequences that go along with being different or alone. Life is way too short to just keep your head down and go along with the crowd.