-Review- Hardie Avenue - Hardie Avenue EP (2012)

Hardie Avenue
Genre: Christian alternative rock
From: Tulsa, OK
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1. Fight For Love (ft Vince Lichyter of Jonah33)
2. Let Me Choose You First
3. Dreams
4. Its Not About Me
5. Super Soldier (ft Vince Lichyter of Jonah33)

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The debut EP from Hardie Avenue is 5 tracks that are emotional rock songs that will touch you at your core. "Fight For Love" has a very P.O.D sounding vibe to it as it pounds the chorus in your face. The track features Vince of Jonah33 (which he also guests on "Super Soldier" as well), him along with the rest of the track gets your speakers bouncing. "Let Me Choose Your First" is straight up rock track that could get heavy radio play. The personal lyrics along with the crunchy sound is akin to newer Staind or even Tantric. The next track "Dreams" is reminiscent of the Robbie Williams track "Angels". The track rocks, plain and simple. "Its Not About Me" keeps the EP moving with its religion filled, personal, emotional lyrics. The chorus on the track soars with melody well above the clouds. "Super Soldier" closes out the EP. The track keeps the pace high with its upbeat melody and chorus. Just like the rest of the EP, the track has a lot of diversity and melody.

These guys wear their heart and religion on their sleeve. That's something rare nowadays. There's a bit of diversity on the EP that is sure to please any rock fan. Rock music with heart and a message, how can you go wrong?