-Interview- Seasons Collide (11/15/12)

Sseasons Collide
Genre: Melodic Metalcore
From: Essex, UK
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1. How did you guys get together and form? Who thought of the name “Seasons Collide” and is there any meaning behind it?

Adam Clarke - Guitar: We all met in college. Although Nath and I have been in bands for years together. As for the name, josh and I were talking and I thought of 'Horizons Collide' but josh wanted Seasons. In the end we just decided to mix the two.

Dan Lawley - Bass: We originally formed in College and went by another name originally and had another lead vocalist, Things were good and we were happy with the music we were producing, but eventually all our tastes changed as we began to stretch ourselves more and more, and the demands of our lives at the time forced us to take a short hiatus. When we came back to wanting to produce music together, we’d found a different singer as we felt our guy was moving on with his own career but we weren't the same band, and we shouldn't be the same band without him, so we formed something new, We were throwing around band names one day in the very early rehearsals and Adam our guitar player came up with the name “Horizons Collide” We were originally going to call our E.P “Seasons”, But felt “Seasons Collide” was a better fit and with that the “Horizons” E.P and our band was born.

Liam Carmichael - Vocals: I answered an ad that the rest of the guys had put out for a new vocalist in February of 2012 and after jamming with the guys for one audition I knew this was the band for me. Happily everyone else agreed and I’ve been a part of Seasons Collide ever since.

Josh Gernon - Guitar: I met the guys at college about 6 years ago, Adam, Nathan and Dan were in another band at the time and after a year of getting to know them and playing music together they asked me to join their band. After changing a few band names and singers, we finally found a line-up that feels right.

Nathan Engel - Drums : Adam and I have known each other since primary school. We meet Dan and Josh in college and formed a band. The band eventually broke up but we all went our separate ways for a bit. In 2011 we decided to form a band with our friend Josh Buckland. After he left we started trying out singers. Leemo came in and blew us away and here we are.

2. How has the response been to your recently released “Horizons” EP thus far?

Adam: The response has been great. I've had so many people approach me telling me how much they loved it and especially love the production. Very proud haha.

Dan: Pretty positive so far, everyone who has heard it has given shining feedback, I certainly still feel as if we are a relatively unknown band, But the word is spreading about us and now , with “Horizons” we have something we are all proud of,with which we can showcase our band, and that means the world to me.

Liam: The response has been very positive, people have been impressed with how polished the record sounds, which is a great thing to hear after putting lots of hard work into it.

Josh: So far it has been very positive, looking at some of the great reviews we have received I couldn't be happier with the response.

Nathan: It’s been good. I think some people are surprised by how polished the EP sounds considering it is self produced.

3. What’s your favorite song to play live? Crowd favorite?

Adam: I have two favourites. Our opener 'The Verdict' has the high energy to get them going and 'Saviour' has the epicness to leave them with.

Dan: For me personally it has to be upcoming single “The Verdict”. It really is a powerhouse of up tempo riffery and technical song crafting that you can just bang your head to.

Liam: I would say probably The Long Road Home, I think it really showcases both the heavy and melodic sides of our music.

Josh: My favorite song to play is the most recent song we have written called 'The Verdict'. It is also our opener and it is packed with energy, I think it really defines our show and it does a good job of getting the crowd's attention and wanting to hear more.

Nathan: I has to be The Long Road Home. It’s pretty brutal and has some technical elements to it and its just fun to play.

4. What can people expect from your live show? Any crazy show stories?

Adam: I wouldn't say we have any crazy story's but as far as funny things go... We played a gig recently. All fired up and ready to go Leemo says to the crowd, in about two minutes, the guys who just walked in,will probably turn back round once they hear us. About 7 people took him up on his word haha.

Dan: From us you can expect epic riffery and an energetic show, we encourage you to jump around, mosh, express yourself and enjoy it. Ha ha ha in terms of craziness one of the craziest things that happened to us is getting off stage at a venue in Grays, going outside to chill before the headline act came on and the drug squad turning up and raiding the venue. It was nuts, there were sniffer dogs and everything. Some douche was caught trying to smuggle cocaine into the venue and nearly ruined the party for everyone.

Liam: We really like to get the crowd involved in our shows, you can expect a lot of energy and plenty of opportunities to get a mosh going.

Josh: People can expect to get involved in the show, like any band we like and encourage the crowd to move about, mosh around and generally have a good time. You can also expect to see some crazy dancing from our frontman Liam.

Nathan: Technical, energetic, heavy music which people seem to enjoy. Erm......Some guy once cut his head open when he head butted a cymbal at a show we were playing. Didn’t happen to us I know but it was very funny.

5. What’s the music scene like there in the UK both locally and country wide?

Adam: Not that great if I'm honest. A lot of people just turn up to see the band they are mates with and then just leave. People need to stick around otherwise who's gonna hear new music. Also, they leave when they please, yet get annoyed if people do it to them. Pot kettle...

Dan: I think its becoming harder and harder for metal oriented bands to get a leg over in the live section of the music industry over here. Metal nights are relegated to midweek nights unless your a big name act and even then its difficult to pull people in unless your performing for a very renowned promoter. It's hard but were slowly building our fan base, we’ll fight for every fan we have.

Liam: Locally we have lost some great acts in Fei Comodo and Forever Never quite recently but there are still some very talented Essex acts that deserve to get somewhere with their music. The scene throughout the UK has been changing for a while and it’s certainly harder for bands who don’t conform to the commercial ideals to get noticed but I’d like to think people still appreciate music that really means something.

Josh: Locally we are playing with some great bands and meeting some awesome people that we want to do more of to keep the scene alive after losing some huge local bands. The scene throughout the UK has been changing for a while and it’s certainly harder for bands to get noticed but I’d like to think people still appreciate music that really means something.

Nathan: Honestly the music scene over here isn’t great at the moment. There are a lot of talented musicians who are finding it hard to pull a crowds in.

6. What’s your thoughts on the current state of metalcore?

Adam: All they have is just bownownow... I kid. There's are some pretty sweet bands out there but it's hard to find originality these days.

Dan: People say its becoming stale but I still believe it has a lot to offer, we’re not just another Atreyu copy cat act, and there's so many exciting emerging artists in the genre who have a fresh perspective, I don’t believe it will ever be at the fore like it was in say, 2006, but I do feel its continually evolving and we could see a resurgence.

Liam: I think that metalcore certainly has its fair share of cookie cutter bands but there are still bands out there innovating and we’d like to hope we bring something different to the genre.

Josh: There's something inside me that thinks metalcore is one of those trends and will quickly fade away but for now it is what I naturally love to listen to, its what I love to play, and its what I love to write so I'm going to enjoy it while it lasts.

Nathan: Metal core is pretty oversaturated with very similar sounding bands at the moment. I don’t think we are much different but it’s the music we like to play and it seems to be very popular.

7. What’s your take on illegal/legal music downloading?

Adam: To be fair, yes the money from sales is good for company's and the bands alike but if it gets people listening to the bands, why not? I don't download music illegally but I'm not against those who do.

Dan: This is a tricky one, I think we are all gonna give a diverse set of answers here. I personally love buying records, digital and physical copies and discovering new music. But I don’t think there is anything wrong in downloading the odd leak here or there... for example would a band prefer a fan to Spend a £10 on their album, or would they prefer them to download and love the album, and then spend £15 buying tickets to a live show, and another £20 on a T shirt and signed Cd at the merch stall? Personally whether they buy our record, or copy it from a friend I'm honored people enjoy our music. Our fanbase make it worth the work, and that's why we kept the cost as low as possible for “Horizons”.

Liam: Support the bands that need it, that’s how I see it, it’s doubly harsh to illegally download music from a band that are struggling to fund their art anyway.

Josh: If I'm honest I don't mind if people want to illegally download our music, it probably should annoy me but the fact that someone would go to these measures just to listen to our stuff is fine by me.

Nathan: With most things in life I support the things I enjoy. I really don’t like people who have money to burn but illegally download a album for a band struggling to make any money from their art.

8. What do you want people to take away from your music?

Adam: Well not the riffs... Thems be our riffs! Haha. I just hope they enjoy it. One of my dreams of playing live is to have people sing along and just lose themselves in the moment. Makes them and us feel more connected.

Dan: I just want people to enjoy it, to feel excited when they listen to it, and to want to listen again!

Liam: I hope everyone finds something they enjoy, whether it be a certain lyric or riff or beat, something they can really get into.

Josh: For me I would say it is a very guitar driven style of music, so the thing that I would love to see sometime in the future is someone being inspired to learn one of our songs or a band covering one of the songs. I think that would be the biggest way to flatter me as a musician.

Nathan: I just hope they enjoy it and have a good time at our shows. And hopefully we see them again at the next one.

9. What are you currently listening to?

Adam: Well QI is on tv as we speak... Musically though. Loving myself a bit of Periphery II, Alter Bridge and Of Mice And Men.

Dan: Periphery - Periphery 2 - This Time I'ts Personal, Coheed and Cambria - The Afterman : Ascension, Devil Sold His Soul - Empire of Light. All great releases this year!

Liam: Devil Sold His Soul – Empire Of Light, Fei Comodo – Behind The Bright Lights.

Josh: Devil Sold His Soul – Empire Of Light, Fei Comodo – Behind The Bright Lights, Periphery II

Nathan: In terms of metal music, I have been listening to bands like TessracT, Fear Factory, Treat Signal and a lot of Periphery!

10. What’s next for Seasons Collide?

Adam: We are unsure of what's to come but it's always good to just keep at it and feel positive.

Dan: We are heading back to the studio soon to record a new single called “The Verdict” and we have started work writing our debut album, its going to be quality.

Liam: Recording our new song The Verdict and hopefully doing a video.

Josh: We are in the process of writing new material, we are planning on recording our new song The Verdict to possibly make into a free download and hopefully doing a music video.

Nathan: Gig our ass off and try and grow our fan base and maybe an album in the next year or so.

11. Any shoutouts?

Adam: Yeah, our boys (and one girl) in Fortunes and Searching Alaska.

Dan: Our boys in Fortunes, Shouting Signals, and Fallen Apollo, Then comes Chaos and of course My brother from another mother Ian Ronsky whose unwavering support from day one, giving up his time, effort, space and sometimes doing that at a cost to him kept Seasons Collide rolling when we started out.

Liam: Shout out to Ronski for his unwavering levels of support!

Josh: Shoutout to Some Were Satellites, Fortunes, Eridium and Ronsky!

Nathan: To all the people who enjoy our music we love you! Thanks to my family for the support and a shout out to my mother. If she didn't bring me up on awesome music then I wouldn't be a musician right now R.I.P Mum.