-Interview- Solution Zero (10/21/12)

Solution Zero
Genre: Alternative Rock
From: Soap Lake, WA
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1. You guys formed last year in 2011 and have a set list consisting three hours of music. How much of that can be found on your upcoming acoustic EP? What covers do you perform?

Right now we are currently working on an acoustic album that has eight original songs and two covers.

2. What can people expect from your live show? Any crazy show stories?

Solution Zero is a mix of music. We start the show off with an acoustic set, and then we do a punk rock set and finish with a heavy rock to almost metal set. Craziest show yet is when our guitarist tried to break up a fight right before our final set and some guy got pushed into our stuff and broke his Gibson. Other than that our shows are mostly just dancing and a good time that is the only bar fight we have seen yet.

3. How would you describe your music to the average listener?

Since we don’t have just one genre our average listener is an overall music lover I found that we have more girl fans then guy fans but the dudes that come out are caught off guard when we turn it up for our last few sets. HAHA

4. What can we expect from your upcoming acoustic EP? Is it titled and when can we expect it to be released?

We have been working on it for a few weeks now but we really want it to be perfect so were talking more time on it then what we were expecting. But I think sometime November we will have a CD release party.

5. In the time since you guys have been together, how has the writing and recording process evolved? Where did you record your upcoming acoustic EP?

As a group we have all come a long way in talent. Before our guitarist was more of a rhythm guitarist and now he is getting better in soloing and writing better melodies. Our drummer has always been awesome at the drums since he was in two other bands before us. But he recently decided to pick up the guitar and ukulele and has contributed greatly to the new acoustic sound we have. Lyrically and vocally our lead singer has gotten stronger, we're writing more of a story base song method then redundant mass chorus and few verses like you hear on the top 20 radio songs.

6. What’s the music scene like there in WA?

There is always a place to play you just have to be motivated. Where we live the majority of people like country and classic rock so we try to make some of our songs feel that way. But we have found out that unless you’re at a club most people don’t have the guts to dance but we have gotten some moshing out at a few of our shows.

7. What’s your take on illegal/legal music downloading?

From what we have learned in promotion of our music is that most people don’t want to buy music especially if you’re not famous. I (Rylei) believe that music should be free for download anyway and encourage people to come support music because no matter how much you listen to a CD, a live show is always a story you will remember.

8. What are you currently listening to?

A Day to Remember, Zed’s Dead, Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, and He is WE.

9. Who are three artists you’d love to tour with?

Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, Escape the Fate, and for an acoustic tour, Mumford and Sons.

10. What’s next for Solution Zero?

We want to build a fan base strong enough to win the online competition Warped tour or just have enough work so that we don’t need to have day jobs. HAHA

11. Any shoutouts?

Our moms and Dads they let us practice in the house and garage and are our number one merchandise buyers. Also Chad Robinson for helping us get a feeling for good recording at home.