Fireside With A Southbound Romance (10/5/12)

A Southbound Romance
Genre: Pop Punk
From: Beaumont, TX
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1. You guys were previously called “Southbound” but recently changed your name to “A Southbound Romance”, how comes? Who thought of the name and is there any meaning behind it?

Chase Cobb - Well, we had been deciding it for a long time coming we felt like we needed more we needed a name people would like. As for the thought of the name it was just a spitball from all of us just throwing names out there. We didn’t want to lose Southbound because that was a part of us but we just wanted more. We wanted to give our fans more. The meaning behind it is simple, A Southbound Romance is a romance that failed. We’ve all had one it’s a romance that was particularly harsh on us in some way shape or form and after something like that, you turn to your friends and family for support. That’s our whole message behind the name.

2. The new single “How Many Pop Punk Kids It’d Take To Screw In A Light Bulb” was recently released to iTunes. How has the response been so far?

CC - Overwhelming how many people love this song. It has been crazy for me everyday to receive emails, text message, and facebook messages from people telling me how much they love the song or how much it captures their life. And this song captures our life as well. We love hanging around each other and playing music with each other.

3. Where did you guys record the track and who produced it? Any chance on shooting a music video for the track?

CC - We recorded the song at Engaged Audio in Springfield, Missouri with the amazing Kevin Gates (NeverShoutNever and The Ready Set) who was a phenomenal producer and it killer guy. As for a music video we are still in the debating point for that but that is something we would like to keep a surprise.

4. Is the live set going to change at all with newer material sprinkled in?

CC - In a short answer , Yes. The newer material is different from what we’ve done before. We’ve been writing all new material that we believe is the future of our song. We want our music to be as high energy as possible.

5. You guys have an upcoming show on 10/12 in Beaumont, TX, what can people expect from your live show?

CC - People can expect a good time from us. We can guarantee that we will be absolutely exhausted after we finish. We are going to make it as fun to listen to and watch as we possibly can. This is a show you do not want to miss.

6. How would you describe your sound to the average listener?

CC - Our new big thing is that we want to be as high energy as possibly without sacrificing our melodic structure that we are known for. I would say the best description is that of Four Year Strong meets Cartel.

7. What can we expect from the new release? An EP or full length? Any release date/title in mind?

CC - We will be writing as much as we can and be fine tuning it to make it sound exactly how we want it to sound. We plan on recording a new EP once we have all the new material ready as for a release date we might have to get back to you on that one. And hopefully we have a full length in our future much sooner than we want.

8. How’s the drummer search been thus far?

CC - Well that was one thing we were worried about when we went to record the new single, however we were lucky that Kevin was able to pull in Brooks Farris (Clear Skies) who is a phenomenal drummer and one of the best that I have ever worked with. As for our drummer search I’d love to announce that the search is over that we now have another drummer named, David Fraiser. David is an amazing drummer who instantly clicked with us the second he walked in the door once he started playing we knew this kid would continue playing with us.

9. What’s next for A Southbound Romance?

CC - Writing, Shows, and hopefully more fans. We are currently working on some new merch as well. And we have some new endorsements in the works so we are excited about everything.

10. Any shoutouts?

CC - Numero Uno goes out to Made Bitter our amazing Sponsor, who also did all our logo work and album artwork ( And number two to our brothers in action Clear Skies ( if you have not heard these guys yet seriously go check them out.

Big thanks for this interview and keep up with A Southbound Romance (