-Interview- Take Over Soldiers (9/27/12)

Take Over Soldiers
Genre: Progressive hardcore
From: Clarion, PA
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1. You guys recently released the single “Hometown Anthem”. How has the response been thus far?

So far, the response has been for the positive. We wrote it in hopes that the listeners would hear the song and feel the message which they can relate to in their own lives. No matter what you do people are going to tear it apart, and try to tear you down. We wanted to let everyone know with this single, that we will look through negativity and find positivity in anything, but at the same time no one is perfect.

2. The “The Opening of a Mind” EP is being recorded in Nov. What can we expect from it? Who’s producing it? How many tracks can we expect?

With our debut EP you can expect a dark, angrier vibe than anything we have done before, yet the melody always finds a way in. The whole concept behind the EP is to see through the corruption of our Modern Society, develop a higher understanding, and know that it is not hopeless. Brette Ciamarra, of Studio 344, will be producing our EP, and the EP we be 4 tracks all together.

3. What can people expect from your live show? Any crazy show stories?

Expect us to be friendly, and talk to anyone. We love to meet new people, and we love when people talk to us. Expect TOS to bring the heavy and throw down, but also be as friendly as possible. We love people supporting the scene, and do not hold our heads above anyone else, period.

4. What’s the music scene like there in PA?

Honestly there are some sick shows that go on, in random areas. Clarion has no music scene at all, but Pittsburgh still keeps a scene alive. TOS is still relatively new to shows, so we still have to experience a lot of PA for ourselves yet.

5. What’s your favorite track to perform? What’s the favorite crowd track?

I think I speak for all of us when I say, “Maid To Get Paid”. This is the last track off our EP.

6. What’s your take on the whole hardcorecore scene in general?

Today it seems like there aren’t really any genre specific shows around. Regardless of the band, we get together and do what we love. A show is a show, and the bands we’ve shared the stage with bring a great vibe to every venue. So the scene is good.

7. Who are three bands you’d love to tour with?

It is tough to narrow things down to just three bands. The Ghost Inside, Counterparts, and Volumes are all great musicians and have a great message.

8. What’s your take on illegal/legal music downloading?

We understand it hurts bands or what not, but literally everyone does it. It’s like a virus, millions are affected but it can’t be cured lol.

9. What are you currently listening to?

Currently its a lot of Counterparts, Barrier, We the Gathered, and of course dub step.

10. What’s next for Take Over Soldiers?

Our upcoming EP, merch, and shows are what were most focused on right now. It’s all about the music and connecting to your listeners, so that’s what were goin to do.

11. Any shoutouts?

All our fans and friends that support us and our message. Shout out to Irikanji and Burn False Idols for being great homies and always having good times when we play.