-Interview- Heresy Theory (1/5/13)

Heresy Theory
Genre: Alternative Electronic
From: Tulsa, OK
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1. Your new single “Nevermore” was recently released. What has the response been thus far? Any word on more music coming soon?

We have had an overall positive response for our new sound and single. We currently have 12 songs in progress for our next album. There are at least three singles on the way in the coming months, as well as a music video.

2. You guys have been together a few years, what have you learned in your ongoing experience that you may not have knew back then?

We took a step back and created a vision together for the direction of the band. It was always about what would make the band better as a whole, rather than for the individuals alone. When we first started, there were too many ideas that were conflicting, so we had to learn how to streamline our thinking over our time together.

3. What do you want your listeners to take away from your music? We want our listeners to take a piece of our soul with them as they listen... to know our emotions. That it is okay to find the answers within yourself and not have to listen to what anyone else's ideas are for you. You can define yourself and build upon your own inner strength without having to seek the approval of others.

4. How would describe your live show?

A high energy performance with colorful synchronized lighting and pounding rhythms.

5. What’s your favorite track to perform live? Favorite crowd track?

Our favorite live track is "Hold Me Down". "The Charade" was the crowd favorite.

6. What’s the music scene like there in Oklahoma both locally and state wide?

Locally, the music scene is focused around Red Dirt and Hardcore, as well as, mainstream alternative and pop. A majority of touring acts are metal-based.

7. You guys have played multiple festivals and openers for artists such as Eyes Set To Kill and more. Any crazy show stories?

There was this double booking in Tulsa where the venue booked a hip-hop festival over our time slot. We had an hour to find a new venue for the benefit concert, and sent our street team out to make sure everyone knew about the venue change.

8. What your stance on the current state of alternative music?

Alternative music is one of our major influences. We try to fuse alternative sound with melodic pop. It seems that the artists are trying to re-invent the wheel, but are still going about it in the same formulaic way. We have noticed the older artists and sounds re-emerging, and that gives us the chance to interpret certain elements that our musical influences created.

9. What’s your thoughts on illegal/legal music downloading?

There has always been a form of music piracy. I recall bootleg and mix-tapes from the 90's and before. The main difference now is that it is just so much easier to pirate. Without this, some artists could never spread and reach a critical mass... on the other hand, we see it it as really harmful to artists to see their hard work being given away, their livelihood being shared.

10. What’s next for Heresy Theory?

We are finding our solid sound, as well as, developing our show and image that best expresses who we are, and that inspires us to work harder for our future success. We are currently working on our second studio release, live remixes, music videos.

11. Any shoutouts?

We would like to thank the artists that came before us, that opened our genres sound. The Birthday Massacre, Imogen Heap, Maynard James Keenan, Celldweller, Angelspit, and those who made the darker sound come to the forefront.