-Interview- Disperse Into Void (3/12/13)

Disperse Into Void
From: Lidköping, Sweden
Sounds like: Punk/Metal/Hardcore


1. How did you guys come together and form? Who thought of the name “Disperse Into Void” and is there any meaning behind it?

Our former drummer came up with the name, the meaning of it is that this generation is disappearing into the void we call the computer age. Willy wanted to start a band to play music he wanted, and write his own lyrics and such, he talked with Carl which he had known for a few years, they jammed together with the current line up and liked where the musical direction was going. Members came and some are still going, but the Disperse line up we have today is what we'll go with.

2. How would you describe your music to the average listener?

We don't want to label our music, we let the listener decide what we are, because we already know who we are.

3. How was the response to the new “Fallout” EP thus far?

We haven't released it yet, but we think that people will like it, even though it's a bit more mainstream than our other songs.

4. How would you describe your live show?

For the moment being it's a very raw show with only our energy and will as luggage, we try to make it as chaotic and fun to watch as possible, but should we become an established band we would have a more theatrical show to get our message forward.

5. What’s your favorite track to play live? Favorite crowd track?

We like playing all our songs, but if we have to choose one it would probably be The Fog Song or Fallouts.

6. What’s your take on the current state of metalcore?

It's crap, nuff said.

7. What’s the music scene like there in Sweden both locally and country wide?

If you're not established, it's very hard for metal bands to get anywhere, both locally and country wide. But we're hoping to change that.

8. What’s your take on illegal/legal music downloading?

We don't really care too much about it, since we can't do anything about it. If people want to support us with buying our merch and coming to our shows, that's great. But our main goal isn't to make money, it's to get our message out and be heard across the world.

9. Who are three bands you’d love to tour with?

There are so many we'd love to tour with, but choosing only 3 it would probably be Marilyn Manson - because he is a huge influence on our lyrics and vocals
Every Time I Die - because they are so chaotic and their shows are amazing
80's Mötley crue - pretty obvious why..

10. What’s next for Disperse Into Void?

We plan on fixing a lot more gigs and make a name for ourselves here in Sweden first then conquer the world with our music.

11. Any shoutouts?

Not really.