-Review- An Old Friend - The Quiet Drive EP (2013)

An Old Friend
From: Long Island, NY
Sounds like: Alternative Rock


Track Listing:

1. Window
2. The Air Up Here's A Lot Colder Than You Think
3. 2 Days To Save
4. Broadway & Clyde


Alternative rock is not what it used to be. With fewer and fewer bands having their own styles and sound, it's tough to hear some great rock anymore. An Old Friend from Long Island, NY is out to change that with their style of rock that is sure to capture the ears of any rock enthusiast.

The four track EP kicks off with the track "Window". They also made a video for this track and was their first single off the EP. Having the track first is a good call as it hooks in the listener and builds that comfort within. The track is multifaceted and keeps the pace rocking. The chorus and tempo are something really radio worthy. The next track "The Air Up Here's A Lot Colder Than You Think" and the track almost brings to mind an almost Thursday type vibe with its ever shifting shifts and pounding drums and chorus. The outro of the track really builds up the emotion with its uplifting vibe. "2 Days To Save" slows things down a bit as the passion and intensity just seeps out of the track. The gang vocals at the end once again put its stamp on the closing of the track. The closing track "Broadway & Clyde" starts off almost like an Angels and Airwaves track. It's spacey, rocking and an incredible track.

AN Old Friend has their own style of rock that hasn't been heard in quite awhile. If you're a fan of any type of rock, don't miss out on An Old Friend. It simple rocks!