-Review- Blindside Drop - The Otherside EP

Blindside Drop
From: Lexington, KY
Sounds like: Rock

Kentucky based rock band Blindside Drop released this EP a few months back and it shows a very strong sense of potential. "Lullaby" kicks off "The Otherside" EP with a nice driving guitar riff then breaks into a haunting melodic section. The sound expressed on the track is comparable to early Halestorm. "The Otherside" track has strong radio appeal. The chorus and bridge on the track are strong enough to set the foundation of a sure radio hit. The vocals really shine on the track. The last track is their cover of The Eurythmics hit "Sweet Dreams". They nail the cover perfectly. Everything works on the song to make it their own rendition and to have it still hard hitting.


The EP is only three songs and about 12 minutes. There's a lot to like here including great instrumentation, awesome female lead vocals, and a brand of rock that is truly Blindside Drop's own sound. An extremely good EP from the band that really shows their skill set.