-Review- Lord Almighty - Lord Almighty EP

Boston, MA metal band Lord Almighty gets their "Lord Almighty" EP reviewed below.
From: Boston, MA
Sounds like: Metal

The first thing you think of when you hear that a metal band comes from Boston, Massachusetts is that you know it's going to be quality music. There's no doubt that once again MA continues its metal domination with Lord Almighty. The EP kicks off with the track "Back To The Woods". The track features diversity with its sound and will sure to please any metal fan. "Severance" starts up and has a southern flair to it that brings to mind early Maylene And The Sons Of Disaster mixed with some doom metal. The song is a great track just to chill and listen to. "Earthed" keeps the pace to a fever pitch while then transition to a crawl for the next track. "Eden" picks up the pieces of the last track and runs with them to a more rocking style. The track is the catchiest track on the EP and escalates to some great guitar work and melody. "Interlude" is a nice break in the EP. The atmospheric instrumental really slows things down but it does build the tones a bit better. "Tides" is just straight up raw metal that swings like a mammoth at its listeners. "Transcension" closes out the EP with fast, heavy and thrash like tendencies. The track and EP are some serious metal for your ears.

Lord Almighty fits a lot into this EP. Their sound is all over the place as it has various forms of metal but it's all good. The EP features diverse clusters of metal that harbors in a distinct flavor to the stale genre.