-Review- Alice Sweet Alice - Ribbons & Stone (2013)

Kansas City, MO rock band Alice Sweet Alice get their 2013 "Ribbons & Stone" album reviewed. Check out our take below.
From: Kansas City, MO
Sounds like: Rock

Alice Sweet Alice is an up and coming female fronted rock band from Kansas City, MO. Their music is a wonderful hybrid of different variations of rock. As The first track "Ribbons & Stone" starts off a little sludgy but then transforms into a very Stevie Nicks/Fleetwood Mac type rock track with a very soothing atmosphere being the backdrop. There's a very good guitar solo with the track to help the flow of the track. It works quite well and keeps everything moving at a steady pace. The second track "For The Moment" opens with a Pink Floyd type opening. The track then picks up pace and will get your foot tapping along with the beat. The high energy of the track really make it worthy of a great song to drive along to. The single "M.I.A" is next and features shades of Florence & The Machine as well as a touch of Evanescence. The song is extremely radio friendly and catchy as hell. "Glorious Excess" is next and keeps the album flowing nicely with their trademark sound. "Around The World" is a more 80s synth pop punk type track and features male lead vocals. The track is a nice feature and really fits well with the tone of the album. The sixth track "Breakout" is a high octane crazy track which sounds more like an old school homage to Blondie singing along with Iggy Pop and The Stooges. It's fast and awesome. "Spiral" slows things down a bit and is a rocking ballad type track. The eighth track "Heroes" has an old west vibe to it. The track really showcases the singing talents of Ali Kat to the fullest. The surprise shift during the track keeps the listener glued to the song throughout. "Must Be Evil" has a fast pace and sounds a dash punky. The keys on the track really add a depth to the track and keeping up with the frantic pace is really impressive. The closing track "Worth The Wait" is a piano driven ballad which will sure tear up even the manliest of listeners. The passion of the track and album can be heard on this track. Alice Sweet Alice is emotionally passionate. They have that fire inside of them that helps them create such great music with their musical talents. Rock music with heart.

Alice Sweet Alice has a lot going for them. Their blend of different forms of rock with wonderful female vocal work is natural and very catchy. They know how to rock out as well as sing their hearts out. If you're a fan of rock music, there's something you'll enjoy here.