-Review- Red Letter Statement - "Love People" EP

Rochester, NY alternative rock band Red Letter Statement recently released their "Love People" EP. Below is our review.
From: Rochester, NY
Sounds like: Alternative Rock

Rochester, NY alternative rock Red Letter Statement back in May of 2014 released their "Love People" EP. This EP should be on any rock fans playlist. "Fire Inside" starts things off with an upbeat radio single quality track. The track brings to mind the high energy of Last Winter, early The Wedding or Anberlin. "Roadhouse" has a dash of post hardcore to it while still maintaining the catchy modern rock sound. The track is solid throughout. "The Rain" is a bit of a slow buildup song that emphasizes the passion that the band brings to the table. Brand New fans will dig the track. "Interlude" is a nice break to the EP. The somber tone instrumental track really fits in with the previous track. "Estimation Of The Heart" is a great companion track to "The Rain". It's got the making of a great relationship track. The song is very personal and intimate. The track has a similarity to Red Jumpsuit Apparatus's "Your Guardian Angel" track. "Ionas" closes out the EP the way it started with a more upbeat track. It's a fantastic track and brings to mind Funeral For A Friend with its high energy and great melodies. The track and EP just work all around.

If you're looking for rock music with an edge and heart, look no further. Red Letter Statement have the goods. The band has a lot of depth to their songs and we personally can't wait to hear more.