-Interview- Chasing December (12/11/14)

Atlanta, GA rock band Chasing December gets interviewed and talks about their upcoming album, recent member changes and more new things coming soon.
From: Atlanta, GA
Sounds like: Rock

1. The band has recently gone through some changes, would you discuss them and how they've affected the band and the sound?

Our focus has been directed toward our live show and how to produce the best possible experience for everyone in the room. Writing with our current lineup is better than ever and each member contributes hugely to each song and to every show.

2. How has the response been to your "New Orleans" single? Why the city influence on the track?

So far, many hits on our page for it. New Orleans has got a vibe about it that we think everyone can relate to and it has a vision of a story we are telling them. The name comes from a trip Sebastian took to New Orleans, and also due to the songwriting having direct influences from music famously originating from that city.

3. Any plans for an upcoming EP/album? Release date?

Our upcoming self-titled release will be a full LP featuring 8 original tracks and our highly requested cover, Carol of the Bells. It will be released on December 19th at The Brewhouse in Rome, Ga.

4. How has your live show changed, if at all since the member changes?

The chemistry on stage has never been better. The energy we give to the audience now has seen a major increase, and we keep turning our shows into big productions for everyone who comes to see us play.

5. What are your current favorite songs/albums?

Everyone in the band has been diggin’ Sonic Highways by The Foo Fighters lately. Some other bands we listen to are Alice in Chains, Pink Floyd, and Zeppelin.

6. With big names dropping from streaming services, what's your take on the services?

It’s convenient for the listeners but it’s questionable how much credit, royalties, or advantage artists actual acquire from it.

7. What's your favorite track of yours to perform live?

We all love playing “Drifting Apart” and “New Orleans”. Both songs affect the audience in different ways so it’s cool to see people respond to it so well. Honestly though, it’s extremely hard to pick any of them, we love playing them all.

8. Any plans to shoot a music video for an upcoming song?

Yes! Very soon actually. Probably won’t be until spring, but we plan on making that a reality very soon.

9. What's next for Chasing December?

More shows!! New album!! All new merchandise as well. There’s a lot on the horizon and we keep maintaining a steady pace. We just finished the album, and we’ve also begun recording more material. Always moving toward bigger and better things.

10. Any shoutouts?

We would like to give a big shoutout to the band STATION 7!! We will be playing 3 shows with them this month and cant wait to kick it off this Saturday at Sweetwater Bar/Grill in Duluth, Ga.!!