-Review- Among Titans - "Alone With Voices" EP

Windsor, Ontario, Canada metalcore band Among Titans get their "Alone With Voices" EP reviewed. Check out our take below.
From: Windsor, Ontario, Canada
Sounds like: Metalcore

The EP kicks off with the track "Enter Titans". The slow build up for the track is a bit sludgy and then goes into a devastating hardcore breakdown. This track could be an incredible set opener for a live show. The next track "Redemption" keeps the floor moving with its metalcore ferocity. Two steppers and circle pit fans will enjoy this track as its high tempo will keep them moving throughout. "The March" is a 57 second interlude that has a marching drum beat throughout the track. "Rise Now Champion" has a bit of early War Of Ages influence to it. The track is filled with emotion, passion and energy. The title track "Alone With Voices" closes out the EP. The track closes things out perfectly as it summarizes nicely everything contained before it. The EP is short and to the point. Among Titans are looking at a bright future within the scene with this release. Metal, hardcore and faith are what Among Titans bring to the table that should be heard by everyone with a appetite for it.

Among Titans and fellow Canadian band From The Wolves are both bringing some heavy notice to the Canadian metalcore scene. This "Alone With Voices" EP is a crushing debut effort from these guys. There's no clean singing on the EP, just annihilation of the listeners eardrums with their brand of metalcore.