-Review- Barracks - "Ghosts"

Hamilton, New Zealand post hardcore band Barracks get their "Ghosts" album reviewed. Check out our take below.
From: Hamilton, New Zealand
Sounds like: Post Hardcore

Barracks starts things off with the upbeat, melodic track "Asleep". The track is adrenaline filled post hardcore to its fullest. Traces of Glassjaw and early Funeral For A Friend are present throughout. "What You Said" has a more Stick To Your Guns/Your Demise feel to it as it brings the punk/hardcore vibe to the track. It's a track that is sure to get the crowd moving. The ending of the track sound a lot like Poison The Well and that's always a good thing. "Pavement" brings melody to the forefront but still has the breakdowns and aggression that Barracks is known for. "We Are Ghosts" is a very solid track with bits of Letlive. to it as its high energy mixed with melody is right up their alley. "Strangers" is fast, in your face and takes no prisoners with its ferocity. The chorus and two step breakdown are a perfect match and work brilliantly. The guitar riff towards the end has to be heard as it's fantastic. "Tide" would be a track that Thursday fans would quite enjoy. It's a haunting melodic track for sure. "Scatter" picks things back up with its high octane melodic hardcore feel. The track is incredible and is a good wake up track. The ending of the track is just pure chaos. "Held Down" could be seen as a crowd favorite with its gang chant style chorus, melody and breakdowns. "Paper Eyes" could easily fit in Poison The Well's "You Come Before You" album. It's a great track through and through. "Walls" is filled with passion and must be heard. "Closer" picks up the pace even faster to almost a punk pace. It's short and sweet. "Wake Up" is a track that brings to mind early Emery as its melodic post hardecore sound is just simply a pleasure on the ears. "Fight Back" closes out the track. It's a somber acoustic track that winds things down perfectly after such an eventful album.

It's no wonder why this album was on BitTorrent.com's best of 2014 list. The album has a little something for everyone looking for melody, heaviness and aggression in their music. It's crazy how this is a full length and they keep up the quality throughout all thirteen tracks. No filler, all awesome songs. This is the album that post hardcore/melodic hardcore fans have been itching for in a long time.