-Review- Low Battery - "From The Basement" EP

Washington, DC rock band Low Battery get their "From The Basement" EP reviewed. Check out our take below.
From: Washington, DC
Sounds like: Rock

Low Battery is a band from Washington, DC that has their own brand of rock that is a nice mixture of punk, rock and pop. This six song EP is a perfect example of their diversity. "Get Away" is a straight up rock song. The track incorporates rocking guitar riffs and some good ol' rocking vocals that will sure get some heads bobbin. "Round The Block" is the definition of catchy from straight to finish. It's extremely radio friendly. The track oozes the sound of summer. "Where You Been" opens with a bass line then guitars and drums that take you on a musical journey that really slows things down to a more personal approach. It's a nice way to break up the EP with its overall tone and sound. "Wavey" is another slower song but really elevates the EP to a new height. The dual vocals on the track really work well with each other. "The Neibs Song" is back to the crunchy guitars and upbeat sound. The track has a throwback 90's rock radio sound to it but modernized. It's a really really good track. "Butterfly" closes out the EP. The track is full of surprises which have to be heard to be believed. It's definitely a stunner. Shades of Gym Class Heroes on the track really raise some eyebrows. This EP will light a fire under the listener and make them believe that rock is alive and well. It's so easy to like this EP, so give a listen and see for yourself.

Low Battery has it all on the rock scale. The tracks on the EP all seem effortless and truly natural which really shows the true talent that the band encompasses. Any fan of rock music should give them a look and listen.