-Review- Mobday - "Vertigo"

Port Crane, NY rock band Mobday get their "Vertigo" album reviewed. Check out our take below.
From: Port Crane, NY
Sounds like: Rock

New York's Mobday has been around for ten years and has shared the stage with bands such as Smile Empty Soul, Saliva, Tantric and Days Of The New. Their newest album "Vertigo" showcases their extreme talent to make great rock tracks that will keep elevating them further and further. The full length album kicks off with the driving track "Breathe". The track encompasses the rock flair of early 2000's as its just a kick ass track. It simple has it all. It's a great track to kick off the album. "Blackbird" brings in the crunchy guitars and alternative rock sound. The sound on the track just screams crowd favorite as its very easily accessible. "Battleships" continues the rock onslaught. The track is extremely radio friendly single that brings to mind early Stone Temple Pilots mixed with perhaps Buckcherry. "Jester" comes in with a bang and brings to mind Trustcompany mixed with Korn as it explodes with excitement and catchiness. It's a track with a good mix of rock that is sure to capture any rock fans ear. "8412" is another radio friendly track that is in the vein of Breaking Benjamin. Don't be surprised if the track gets stuck in your ear as its extremely catchy and should be on every ones playlist. "Burn" is the longest track on the album and is very reminiscent of the Deftones. It's spacey, heavy and oozes emotion. It's a must hear for any Deftones fan. "Air Mask" is the next track and keeps the upbeat rock going. The guitar solo on the track is amazing as its a perfect track to follow "Burn". "Serious" is a track that is seen as a crowd favorite. The chorus and guitar riffs and drums work so perfectly on the track its a shame that it has to end. The live aspect of this track is off the charts as heard in the incredible breakdown near the end. "Queen" is probably the fastest track and shortest on the album as its a tad different but will only get your head bopping faster. It's surprising and it works quite well. "Glass" ends the album on a high note as it's simply crushing. The track brings to mind early Linkin Park (without the rapping) as its heavy, catchy and radio friendly sound will captivate every rock fan.

Mobday is a band that has been around for awhile now and is still tightening and evolving. Their brand of rock is second to none as this album is a rockin' good time from start to finish.