-Review- Savour The Silence - "You Can't Keep A Secret If There Never Was A Secret To Start"

Lincolnshire, UK melodic hardcore band Savour The Silence get their "You Can't Keep A Secret If There Never Was A Secret To Start" EP reviewed. Check out our take below.
From: Lincolnshire, UK
Sounds like: Melodic Hardcore

Melodic hardcore has been taken less and less seriously lately with bands incorporating different elements which make it stray a bit from the roots. Savour The Silence brings back the true sound of melodic hardcore and makes it their own into a very exciting EP for old school melodic hardcore fans. "An Army Of Me, A Kingdom Of You" crashes in with an almost Letlive/Everytime I Die ferocity. The track pulls you in and gets straight in your face right away. The melodic hardcore sound and breakdowns of the track keeps it moving at a frantic pace. "Letters From The Zodiac" keeps up the fast clip of sound as it treads into Hundredth territory with just a swift spinkick to the face. The track isn't messing around that's for sure. "Cowards Kill More Than Heroes" has a lot of buildups and energy to be an outstanding live track. "Cycles" finishes out the EP. The track has a Bring Me The Horizon type break and then unleashes passionate fury. It's a great way to end the short but very good debut EP.

Savour The Silence is bringing back the true style of melodic hardcore and blending it with their style. UK hardcore is well represented in this young group. With explosive live shows and energetic sound, these guys are looking at a bright future in the hardcore scene.