-Review- Ready To Fire - "Ready To Fire" EP

Perth, Australia pop/punk band Ready To Fire get their "Ready To Fire" EP reviewed. Check out our take below.
From: Perth, Australia
Sounds like: Pop/Punk

Australia is a place lately that has been a hotbed for metal and hardcore bands. Ready To Fire are changing the AU invasion to more pop punk influenced music due to their tremendous debut "Ready To Fire" EP. "Cityside" opens the EP with a very pop punk heavy intro. The upbeat melody of the guitars mixed with the female vocals is something remarkable. The track brings to mind early Paramore and the track is a fun track to start things off. "Do You Remember When?" has chuggy guitar riffs and it's a fantastic radio friendly track. This song should immediately be on everyones' daily playlist. "Hold On" has a fantastic guitar work throughout the track and really captures the essence of the overall tone of the track. It's an overall pretty good track to just jam out to. "Love Me Or Hate Me" is a slower track and then transitions to an early Fall Out Boy type sound that is refreshing and soothing on the ears. "Punchline" closes out the EP with a pure summertime vibe track. The track oozes sun, fun and New Found Glory influences. It's a perfect track to complete this incredible debut EP. Tune in pop punk lovers, Ready To Fire is here to capture your hearts and ears for a long time to come.

Ready To Fire is coming out with new material soon so don't be surprised if they fine tuned their sound even further. Ready To Fire is bringing the catchy pop punk from Australia to invade everyones' eardrums to solidify that pop punk is here to stay.