-Review- Truth Inside The Silence - "Tabula Rasa" EP

Mankato, MN based hybrid metal band Truth Inside The Silence get their "Tabula Rasa" EP reviewed. Check out our take below.
From: Mankato, MN
Sounds like: Metal

Truth Inside The Silence is a band from Minnesota whose style is a bit of hybrid metal. Their brand of music will cater to a lot of different fans of the genre. Let's jump right in and see how their EP is at presenting their sound. "Fire At A Funeral" kicks things off with an extremely well crafted track that incorporates technical metal, hardcore and melodic riffs into a very solid opening track. "Murals" will get the floor moving with its frantic pace. The track blows the doors off the EP and just opens things up to a more destructive level of metal. "Life In An Hourglass" takes things even further up a notch with a more melodic metalcore driven track that brings to mind Feed Her To The Sharks, It Prevails or early The Ghost Inside. "Crippled Foundation" comes through like a track that sounds like it has a very heavy influence of Calm/Phoenix Mourning with its rapid fire breakdowns, dash of melody and powerful harsh vocals. "Unpeg The Casket" mixes things up and captures an early Emmure/Blood Has Been Shed type vibe with its stellar guitar work and a dash of technical metal thrown into their mix of metalcore. "Apex" is simply an outstanding track as it really is a good change of pace track since it has a nice mix of diverse sounds to it. It goes to show that even a song deeper in their EP can still be fantastic. The crushing breakdowns are sure to induce some kind of whiplash at some point. "Delusions Of Grandeur" is the closing track and a track they shot a music video for. The track is comparable to early Between The Buried And Me mixed with early Parkway Drive. It doesn't pull any punches and will come at you at full force. The track (and music video) and EP are worth multiples listens as their sound is really a step up in the genre right now and should be embraced by more and more fans to come.

Truth Inside The Silence are a very hard hitting band looking to change the game up. Their style is diverse and extremely accessible for any fan of metal and metalcore. The EP is seven tracks full of fresh metal for any and all listeners.