-Review- Vendetta - "Illusions" Demo EP

Cambridge, UK alt/metal band Vendetta gets their "Illusions" Demo EP reviewed. Check out our take below.

Vendetta are a female fronted alternative metal band hailing from Cambridge, UK. The band has a unique style of metal that is hard to pinpoint but really makes a sound that is truly their own. "Martyr" starts things off with a bang in its female melody/growling that really sets the tone early. The instrumentation on the track is a mix of melodic death/technical metal. "Crocodile Tears" brings to mind early Kittie as it's fast, short and to the point with its aggression and melody. The technical bass lines even have a hint of Mudvayne to them. "Rare Breed" has nice exchange throughout between melodic and harsh vocals that brings to mind early Eyes Set To Kill. It's really a treat of a track to listen to. "How Convenient" continues the pace set before it. The track has a little bit of an alternative rock edge to it mixed with metalcore. It works really well. The instrumentation on the track really keeps things at a fast clip. "Lesson Learnt" will get your head bopping with a bouncy opening that transitions into a harsh/melodic exchange even complete with a mini gang chant. The song is solid and sets things up for the closing track "Swine". "Swine" is a crunchy track that is nearly six minutes of straight up Vendetta branded alternative metal sound. There's a ton to like on the track and the EP.

This is only a demo EP for Vendetta and it's really top notch music. They really fine tuned their sound into something special. The six tracks on the EP are something truly special. Such seamless melody and brutality should never be passed up, do yourself a favor and check out the "Illusions" Demo EP from Vendetta.