-Review- Out Of Ashes - "Trust Yourself" EP

Howell, NJ alternative rock band Out Of Ashes gets their "Trust Yourself" EP reviewed. Check out our take below.

Out Of Ashes brings their unique hybrid of pop punk/alternative rock to the forefront of their "Trust Yourself" EP. "You're Killing Me Kid" crashes in with an almost New Found Glory type breakdown which leads into an catchy pop punk/alternative rock vibe in the vein of Blink 182. The track is a great way to kick things off. The harsh vocals and splendid guitar solo later in the track are a pleasant surprise and add a bit of variety. "Tombstone" blows the doors off and sounds like a freight train coming at the listener. The Linkin Park influence is in high gear on the track. The hip hop vocals along with the heavy rock instrumentation work surprisingly well without sounding cheesy or forced. "Wrong Side Of The Argument" brings back the pop punk sound that sounds a bit like Four Year Strong or A Day To Remember. The track is extremely upbeat and catchy. It's a track that will be blaring loudly in the summertime. "Small Town Hero" is a rockin' good time of a track. The song encompasses just awesome alternative rock mixed with a dash of popcore throughout its four minute length. "Singer With An Ego (And Those Guys Or Whatever)" opens with a very unique breakdown which turns into an almost Sevendust type sound. The track screams to be played live and having the crowd sing back the vocals. It's probably the heaviest track on the EP. "Above All Else" closes out the EP with its ultra catchy sound. The alternative rock sound heard here is radio friendly as hell and should be welcomed on any and all radio stations. Six tracks of this quality isn't heard very often. Do yourself a favor and pick up this EP.

Out Of Ashes is a band for any fan of rock music. There's so much here to like that really transcends the genre to new heights. "Trust Yourself" and go pick up this EP right now!