-Interview- Contact (3/2/15)

Boston, MA alternative/new wave group Contact gets interviewed and talks about their "Fascination Shadow" music video, being on the "Laggies" movie soundtrack, their past history and much more.
From: Boston, MA
Sounds like: Alternative/New Wave

1. You guys recently played a show with Mae for their anniversary tour. How did that go?

The show was a blast. Sarah and I are huge Mae fans and getting to share the stage for such a significant event was awesome. They all really dug our set which was the best compliment we could ask for, such a win.

2. Your music video for "Fascination Shadow" recently was released. Tell us a little bit about the concept of the video and the overall tone of the track.

The track is fast, aggressive and a little spooky. We wanted a simple video that really showed a lot of Sarah, a little performance and was minimal in terms of a story line. The director Zakk Bates completely nailed it. He came up with this theme of multiple Sarahs essentially meeting the black hole of her existence, which represents this endless desire towards temptation.

3. How is the new release coming along? Will it be an EP or full length? Does it have a release date/title?

The new release is just about finished. I have a little last minute mixing to finish, but the record is really done. Its 10 songs that we have worked and re-worked multiple times. We originally were shooting for an EP, but ended up having enough for 10 songs, so we figured why not. We have no release date yet, but should have something soon. As for a title; we are still trying to decide. I'm sure we’ll settle the day before we need too haha.

4. How did the name Contact come about from previously being known as Young London?

We got sick of pop. We realized we were doing something that we wouldn’t have done without the influence of our old label. We decided to take a HUGE risk by changing our name to something not only completely unsearchable, but very different from the old name. We had always wanted to be called Contact, before YL came about, but we were convinced by other people to go with YL.

5. You guys recently had the Young London track "That Feeling" on the Laggies movie soundtrack which was scored by Ben Gibbard (Death Cab For Cutie) and starred Chloe Grace Moretz, Kiera Knightley and Sam Rockwell. How did that come about and what were your thoughts on the film?

Our team helped us with that placement and we couldn’t be more excited. Honestly, its a dream come true for us to have a song featured in the main part of a film. The movie was cool and I may or may not have teared up when our song was blasting during the prom scene.

6. What are some of your favorite tracks to play live?

Right now I love playing "Fascination Shadow" live because I feel like people know it and its so fast that it just has this amazing energy. Our next single, ’Somewhere’ is another favorite to play for almost the exact opposite reason, its super moody and people seem to really get what we are going for.

7. How has the writing process come about within the group?

Sarah and I have come a long way in terms of writing together. We started off trying way too hard. We organically went back to our roots of writing alone and then combining our efforts once the song already had a life of its own. However, every song on this record has a different weird way in which it came about. Sometimes the song needed to be played live, other times I needed to just let Sarah make the final decisions.

8. What could people expect from your live show?

Honesty. We are really trying to portray the meaning and vibe of the songs live. We are just really enjoying keeping it simple right now.

9. You been doing music for quite some time in a few groups of diverse styles including being on a label such as Tooth & Nail Records. What have you learned from then until now in the industry? Do you have any regrets?

I have learned so much. I have no regrets. I have been doing this for so long that I have seen the ups and downs in my own career and all my friends around me. It took me a long time to learn that the most important thing is honesty. I would always wonder why some songs went over well and others didn’t, then I realized the only thing that matters is being genuine to myself.

10. What's next for Contact? Any plans on a nationwide tour?

Finish this record, shoot another music video, tour a ton and be so stoked playing these songs live.

11. Any shoutouts?

Per usual (circa 2007) shoutout to you Mike, really appreciate you thinking of us, and loving music.