-Review- Screams On Sunday - "Call Reality A Lie" EP

Madrid, Spain based alternative rock band Screams On Sunday gets their "Call Reality A Lie" EP reviewed. Check out our take below.

From: Madrid, Spain
Sounds like: Alternative Rock

Screams On Sunday is a female fronted alternative rock band from Madrid, Spain looking to make a name for themselves with their catchy alternative rock sound. "That's Not My Soul" kicks things off with an almost Tonight Alive/Nearly Deads type pop/rock track. The track has a driving melody and really takes advantage of the vocal range of the singer and the incredible instrumentation. "Trying" is a great rock track. It would be an awesome track to hear on the radio. It'd be blaring out many a car windows, that's for sure. The track is extremely diverse in its rock style. Just listen to it and see for yourself. "The Puppets Game" is a tad fast and punky. It shows a different side than the other tracks but still comes back to its alternative rock roots. The guitar riffs throughout is a nice addition. "Call Reality A Lie" is the lead single and doesn't disappoint. The breakdown in the opening will surely get the live crowd moving. The track has a dash of Evanescence mixed with Halestorm. It really works well as a single and music video (which can be seen here). "Double Life" closes out the EP with a City Of The Weak influenced sound. The uptempo track really showcases things nicely for a closer.

The band really know how to put out a well produced EP. Clocking in at twenty minutes it's short and sweet. It's catchy as hell and it rocks. If you're looking for the next female fronted rock band to hit it big, look no further than Screams On Sunday from Spain. Music is global and Screams On Sunday are proving that Spain deserves to be taken seriously in the rock music scene.