-Review- Agree To Disagree - "If You Think We Suck Now, Just Wait Til We Sellout"

Boston, MA based punk/hardcore band Agree To Disagree gets their "If You Think We Suck Now, Just Wait Til We Sellout" album reviewed. Check out our take below.
From: Boston, MA
Sounds like: Punk/Hardcore

Some would say that pop punk isn't what it used to be. Well Agree To Disagree are out to prove that pop punk is surely alive and kicking. The album is three years of greatest hits for the band which sums up to the sixteen tracks therein. "Stoop Kid's Afraid To Leave His Stoop" opens things up with an almost Set Your Goals type sound. The upbeat punk (almost but not quite pop punk) tendencies veer into early New Found Glory range with its harder tinge. "On My Own" adds the hardcore flair a bit more with its gang vocals from time to time. The track is a real treat for any hardcore/punk fan. "Life's Tough, Get A Helmet" is a summer track that would get a lot of play with the windows down. It screams pop punk with an edge. "Frame Of Mind" is the first single and is sure to form movement on the dance floor as its fast, heavy and melodic. It's catchy as hell and the radio potential is off the charts. It's a tremendous track. "Reunion" gets right into it with its catchy guitar riffs. Everything on the track just works naturally. There's a bit of early My Chemical Romance to it and just flows smooth. "Silver Snakes Just Can't Win" brings things down a notch to almost Blink 182 range. The track is slower but still packs a little punch. "Greetings, True Believers" picks things back up a bit and keep an even pace with the album. The breakdown towards the end is a solid touch. "The Basement Song (Havoc)" begins with a very much influenced New Found Glory opening before it translates into the upbeat punk with traces of hardcore sound. It'll get your blood and juices flowing with its high intensity for sure. "Remembrance At Its Finest" opens with gang vocals and just explodes from there with a very solid track. The hardcore influence on the track is tremendous and really brings it up a level. "Famous Last Words" is a short track. It's just pure fast punk that's in your face. "I'm Wearing A Top Hat (England)" has The Offspring vibe to it which when mashed with the hardcore influences really makes something unique. It brings to mind Evergreen Terrace and Every New Day. It's a real treat to listen to. The guitar work on the track is amazing. "Changing Seasons" is a head bopping track that really shines through on the album. "Over The Water Tower And To The Left" sends things to a whole new level on the album. The seamless pop punk breakdowns and vocals make this a perfect track to listen to as a pop punk fan. It has everything you'll ever need. "No More" is a passionate acoustic track that shows another side of the band. It's something personal and remarkable. "He's Not Flying, He's Just Falling With Style" gets back into the fold of things with its almost A Day To Remember sound. It's poppy but heavy. "Kids Think They're Bulletproof" closes things out in a six minute track that is just oozing pop punk sweet goodness. The track and rest of the album are top notch and should be heard immediately.

Agree To Disagree put out an album that blows the doors off the pop punk/hardcore scene. The way they mesh styles and form their own identity with the music is something truly special. 16 songs may seem like a long album but it's so easy to listen to that one might say that it's too short. Pop punk just got a shot of adrenaline in the form of Agree To Disagree. 3 years worth of songs but 16 tracks full of enjoyment for the listener.