-Review- Blood Party - "Why Won't You Hold Me Computer"

San Francisco, CA post rock band Blood Party gets their "Why Won't You Hold Me Computer" album reviewed. Check out our take below.
From: San Francisco, CA
Sounds like: Post Rock

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This album from Blood Party was produced with Sylvia Massy who also has worked with System Of A Down and Tool. With such an eclectic sound coming from her studio, would Blood Party keep the trend going by creating a rock masterpiece? Let's find out. "Sable" opens up with an awesome guitar riff which could almost be mistaken for a A Perfect Circle riff. It's a very good opener and keeps the energy throughout. "Gatrunka" is a great track and that atmosphere it sets with its distortion within the song really adds a layer of depth to the track. The post rock breakdown near the end of the track would be enough to rile up a live crowd. "Kegle" is a short upbeat track that really shows off a different sound for the band. It brings to mind a more California sound with its high energy and almost digital influence. "Limo Crash" will haunt the listener. The moody pace of the track is incredible and should be heard immediately. "Kittens" is the longest track on the album clocking in at a touch over six minutes. If there's a track on the album that would remind the listener of Tool, it's this one. The crunchy guitars and spaced out sound make for a great journey track to get into. "Sex Accident" brings things back down a few notches. That's not to say it's a soft song by any means. It's full on rock to its fullest as the post rock sound will burst through the listeners eardrums at a soothing controlled pace. "Gordon Shumway" is a digital influenced track that strays into an almost industrial sound but not by too much. It's short and really serves as a good interlude to the last two tracks on the album. "Elevators" opens drums only and then transitions into a groovy riff which then transforms into a wonderful breakdown. The bass is showcased wonderfully on the track. The contrast between this track and the last track is night and day. The reverb effect later on in the song kicks things up a notch before ending the track out. "Murder By Chihuahua" is the closing track. It closes things out on a pace that really makes the listeners yearn for more. Everything just works on the track and it's a shame it has to end as quick as it does. The band is currently in writing mode so don't be surprised to hear more from Blood Party more sooner than later.

With Blood Party going to someone who produced System Of A Down and Tool, you know the production would be top notch and this is no exception. The post rock stylings mixed with experimental undertones make this a must listen to for any fan of experimental rock.