-Review- Renegade & Retrospect - "Unorthodox Satisfaction"

Manchester, UK hard rock band Renegade & Retrospect gets their "Unorthodox Satisfaction" EP reviewed. Check out our take below.


From: Manchester, UK
Sounds like: Hard Rock

Renegade & Retrospect released this EP in 2014 and will sure please fans of true rock music. The opener "Cold" kicks into high gear with an almost 70's rock sound mixed with a modern rock tinge. The sound really works on the track as it has the makings of a damn fine opener for an EP. "Blinded Paradise" opens with an almost White Stripes sound but then switches into an almost alternative sound. The result is a very accessible track that treads into hard rock territory akin to Buckcherry. "Devils Chokehold" has a fantastic opening in the way of the guitar and upbeat flow of the track. It continues throughout the track and really lifts up the EP with its tempo. This track has radio written all over it is no surprise its such a fan favorite. "Unorthodox Satisfaction" captures a tremendous arena rock sound perfectly. The hard riffs and driving force of sound is fantastic and should be cranked as loud as possible. "Too Fast For Me" is the closing track for the EP. The track has a southern draw to it and really sticks with it the whole way through. It's a different sound than the previous tracks but will still stand out on the EP in a good way.

It's a solid EP and since new music is on the horizon, it is a very exciting time for Renegade & Retrospect fans. The sky is the limit for this talented rock band from the UK. Rock is in full force on this EP. The band has some older influences but mixes them into a modern style of their own. Get excited rock music fans!