-Review- Veronica Grisham - "New Culture"

San Francisco, CA based solo eclectic rock artist Veronica Grisham gets her "New Culture" EP reviewed. Check out our take below.

From: San Francisco, CA
Sounds like: Diverse Rock

Veronica Grisham has sure matured in her musical career. She formerly released some instrumental post rock music under the moniker of A Fallen Dream. Now years later, her "New Culture" EP takes things in a slightly different direction. "Vessel" opens things with a very somber track. It encompasses a moody chill out vibe akin to Shun. "Hollow Out" continues where the last track left off. The track has a very unique sound with the addition to electronics to help add to the ambiance of the atmospheric track. "Mask" is a short track in which is a great song to start your morning with. The vibe of a rising sun is in full effect with its bass line and guitar riffs. "With Waves" really soothes things out. The track is perfect for a nice breezy evening just chilling out on the beach and enjoying life. It has some up tempo parts as well but overall just has a harmless vibe to it. "Show And Tell" is the closing track as well as first single off the EP. The track is straight catchy and really deserves to be heard. Eclectic rock music is what Veronica brings to the listener and everyone should hear this and just go along for the ride.

If you're looking for music to get lost to, then look no further. Veronica Grisham's "New Culture" EP should be a new addition to your music library. Relax and chill out to the sweet soothing stylings of Veronica Grisham.