-Review- The Price Of Sanity - "Re-Evaluation" EP

Milwaukee, WI based punk/hardcore band The Price Of Sanity gets their "Re-Evaluation" EP reviewed. Check out our take below.

From: Milwaukee, WI
Sounds like: Punk/Hardcore

The Price Of Sanity is a young band from Milwaukee, WI looking to make a name for themselves in the punk/hardcore scene. This EP is their second EP following their 2014 "Collisons" EP. Let's listen to see how they've improved in that year span. "The Victim Is Now The Gunman" is a haunting first track that has a spoken word opening that then transitions into a more post hardcore vibe. The Bled comes to mind with the ferocity and aggression of the track to round out the track. "Malaise" is a rocking track that has rock tendencies with a dash of hardcore. The track really showcases the true impact of the bands sound. It's a great track and really gets the blood flowing with its devastating breakdowns. "Actalepsy" (live version) is a live track that has a heavy traditional hardcore influence. The fast beatdown style of the track is sure to appease any lover of hardcore music. "Lamentations" is a more melodic post hardcore track that treads into the Brand New area of sound. The track is very easy to listen to and is a real standout on the EP. "Butterflies" brings back the hardcore sound and delves right in to mix it with their style. The clean vocals mixed with the harsh mix together perfectly on the track. "Basorexia" (live version) is another live track. It really shines the brutality of the sound through from their live show quite well. We can only imagine the rumble that the floor was causing on that night. Awesome track to get down to. There's a lot to like on the track. "Re-evaluation (Amaranthine)" is the closing track for the EP. It's an acoustic track that brings to mind Elvis Costello and shows a different side of the band. It's an interesting closer but just shows the depth that the band can go when they want to.

The Price Of Sanity may be a young band but they have a big sound. The way they mesh together punk, hardcore and post hardcore is a real treat for fans of any of those styles.