-Review- ODD - Last Gear EP

Rome, Italy based experimental rock band ODD gets their "Last Gear" EP reviewed. Check out our take below.

From: Rome, Italy
Sounds like: Experimental Rock

This EP is a 2014 release from Italian experimental post rock band ODD. "Paku The First" opens up the EP with an almost interstellar sound. Sound clips of soon follow along with a somber buildup of instrumentation. When the song finally climaxes it feels like a rush of energy that brings to mind Pink Floyd. "Paku Noir" utilizes vocals for the first time on the EP. It's a solid rock track that compliments the previous moody track very well. "Paku gODD" brings back the atmospheric tones to the forefront. The track is outstanding in its nature and could only be compared to the greatness of early Tool. "A man" is another spectacular track that encompasses tremendous instrumentation. The track will move you in all the right places. "Last Gear (Movement I) - Bottom Of The Hole (Movement II)" is the last track on the EP. The track is the longest track on the EP at a time of almost eight and a half minutes. The Tool influence is in high supply on the track. This track and EP has to be heard to be believed. It's THAT gOOD!

ODD are a band that stretches the imagination of experimental rock listeners. What is contained in this EP is nothing short of magical. This is a perfect EP to sit back and enjoy the ride.