-Review- Silhouettes - "Old Flames" EP

Worksop, UK pop/rock band Silhouettes get their "Old Flames" EP reviewed. Check out our take below.

From: Worksop, UK
Sounds like: Pop/Rock

UK pop/rock band Silhouettes have finally unleashed their debut EP "Old Flames" onto the world and oh my, it's a whopper of an EP. "Old Flames" kicks things off with a fun, rocking pace. The track immediately brings to mind early 2000 pop/rock bands with its catchy hooks and driving melody. A music video just recently came out for this track and is outstanding in showcasing the live aspect of the band. "State Of Mind" slows things down a bit before picking up steam to an almost more recent A Day To Remember or You Me At Six type sound of crunchy guitars and super radio friendly rock. This is sure to be a rock anthem for some time to come. "Milieu" is a tad heavier than the previous track but still maintains that heart and passion of the Silhouettes sound. Heavy, catchy, melodic all make up this tremendous track. "Dead Man Walking" is a bit of a slower track in the beginning but then erupts into a wall of catchy chaos. "Fluctuations" is the closing track and does not disappoint. The music video for this track has been making the round for quite awhile now and really showcases the signature Silhouettes sound perfectly. It's a perfect song for radio play and should be heard by all listeners of music. Catchy does not even describe the brilliance of this track and EP.

This EP will become your favorite rock album for the foreseeable future. Five songs of pure radio friendly rock that will infect your eardrums with the all natural goodness of melodies and catchiness. Do yourself a favor and get this EP now!