-Review- Beauty In The Darkness - "Lost For Words" EP

Las Vegas, NV metal band Beauty In The Darkness gets their "Lost For Words" EP review. Check out our take below.

From: Las Vegas, NV
Sounds like: Metal

This is the debut EP from Beauty In The Darkness. What is contained within is something that shouldn't be missed. "Fire" opens up the EP with a shot of punk rock. The track is fast and features great guitar work. The female vocals really keep the track on a upbeat pace. It's a solid opening track. "Hollow Smile" opens with an almost System Of A Down opening riff and then heads into a fast metal transition. This track will surely get the circle pit opened up at a live show. The chorus is highly melodic and really makes the track shine that much brighter. The male vocals along with stellar guitar work once again make this track a highly enjoyable track. "Deadly Whispers" brings a metal influence to the forefront. It's a very brutal and fast track that will keep the heads banging and the moshers moshing for over seven minutes. "Perfect Tragedy" kicks things back to the punk vibe. The track really is exceptional as it truly showcases the potential that the band can pull off. From funky bass lines to fast guitars, to the melodic vocals and drums that can shift gears in an instant, this track has it all. "Fading Away" closes things up with a slower more melodic metal sound. The track really stand out as a great closer as the female vocals really are something to hear and the track is a roller coaster of emotion. It's a highly emotional end to a great debut EP.

Beauty In The Darkness brings five tracks clocking in at almost a half an hour. There's a lot to like on this debut EP. Punk, metal, and alternative rock gets created in a melting pot of a unique style that only Beauty In The Darkness can conjure up. It'd be a sin to not to listen to this band from Sin City (Las Vegas, NV). Check out Beauty In The Darkness as fast as you can.